Scar Creams For Wrinkles – Do They Actually Work?


When you have scars on your face, you will probably go into a dermatologist in order to get a cream that can help you with this condition. More than likely, it will contain hydroquinone or a product that is similar, or even something that is naturally based.

It is common for Kojic acid, azelaic acid or other natural ingredients to be used, those derived from things like wheat and rice. They work very well, but the chemically based treatments like tretinoin are going to work the best.

A question that some people have is whether or not the creams that you get for scars can actually help with wrinkles as well. We will present some of the products that can serve this dual-purpose, many of which can be purchased at your local store.

Understanding How Scars Form

To understand how a wrinkle cream and a scar cream can both achieve these separate goals of helping you to eliminate them from your skin, you have to first understand how scars form, and what the different products are able to do, to see the correlation. For instance, scars are the result of skin that has grown back, and produced a significant amount of melanin.

Laser scar TreatmentThis pigmentation is what makes the scars darker, so by lightening your skin up by stopping the production of melanin, you can effectively remove some of your scars.

If you have more money, you can use dermabrasion treatments or laser treatments, both of which cost thousands of dollars, especially with larger surface areas. But for creams that can help with scars and wrinkles, you have to use a product that can help with both.

How Wrinkles Form

Wrinkles can form as a result of many different factors. It usually begins with your skin producing less collagen. As time goes by, the amount of sebum that is released by the sebaceous glands will also slow down, making your skin much more dry. The combination of the lack of collagen and dryness will make your skin more susceptible to wrinkles, especially when you sleep.

As you push your face into the Palo, it can cause creases that can become permanent, all because the elastin is no longer there to add resiliency to your skin, and the lack of oil will cause the skin to be dry, making it very easy for wrinkles to occur.

When you are looking for a product that can deal with wrinkles, as well as scars, you will want to use something that can remove the upper layer of the skin. This is the only way that things can heal back, and if the wrinkles are not too deep, you could actually resolve this issue very easily and reduce the appearance of scars.

Best Ways To Remove Wrinkles And Scars

scar creamsThere are two ways that you can remove scars and wrinkles, both of which have to do with removing the upper level of skin over a gradual basis.

You can use laser treatments that can accomplish this, or dermabrasion, and then there are the over-the-counter remedies.

These come in the form of creams that can be applied regularly, and they will make your skin slightly sensitive. It is also recommended that you stay out of the sun for extended periods of time because you could actually end up with a substantial burn.

The other way to remove scars is to stop the production of melanin, but when it comes to removing scars and wrinkles simultaneously, you will want to use a product called Retin A or tretinoin that can help you achieve this goal.

Why Tretinoin And Retin A Works

Vitamin ATretinoin is the most highly recommended products that can help with both wrinkles and scars. You can also use Retin A which is derived from vitamin A, each of which is designed to treat the surface level of your skin.

Due to the fact that both act as an acid, removing the top layer of skin over time, this is how these two products are able to address both scars and wrinkles simultaneously, gradually removing the discolored and wrinkled areas.

Retin A and Tretinoin are the same, and when purchased over-the-counter, it will be a lower dosage, but you will see dramatic effects if you are using this for a longer period of time.

You will have to go to your doctor to get a prescription for Retin-A, although you can get lower levels of Tretinoin gel at your local store. You can get great bargains on the Internet, especially from Amazon, helping you to reduce the signs of aging, and lighten up your scars, using the over-the-counter version of Retin A called tretinoin.

All you have to do is go to the local store, start using this product, and you will start to see a significant difference in how wrinkles look on your face and how dark your scars actually are.


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