Which Is The Best Scar Removal Cream?


Scars can appear due to a number of reasons. Some people get scars from injuries, some others get them from a botched surgery whereas some of the people get scars from acne and other similar skin conditions.

Some people like to keep their scars intact as they see them as a sign of strength. However, a majority of the people want to get rid of their unsightly scars, as they do not have the confidence to show their body in public.

This is the reason that a number of scar removal treatments are available today. Also, new solutions are being launched by companies along with heavy spend on advertising. Over the years, a number of solutions have been available for scar treatment that includes laser treatment, pills as well as lotions and creams.

Laser treatment is very costly and does not work for everyone. On the other hand, scar removal creams have been found to be very effective for reducing the appearance of scars. However, all the scar removal creams are not the same and there is a lot of difference in the effectiveness of different creams available in the market today.

Type of Scars

To find the best scar removal cream, it is important to understand various types of scars.


keloid scarThe scars are often the result of aggressive healing process. Most of the times, they grow beyond the injury area. These can grow very big in size and are often raised from the skin surface.

These are most commonly seen in people with dark colored skins even though people with light-colored skin also sometimes develop these scars.

Usually, these kinds of scars occur due to body piercing, acne, surgery as well as accidents. There also have been cases where these have appeared unexpectedly.


These are the burn scars. The worst thing about these cars is these can go much deeper into the lower layers of the skin and may also affect nerves as well as underlying muscles. These can also be extremely painful.

Athrophic Scars

Hypertrophic ScarsThese types of scars appear as a divot. These types of scars are usually formed when fat or muscles are removed from the body. Most common type of the scars includes acne, chickenpox as well as scars due to other diseases.

Hypertrophic Scars

These are usually raised from the skin surface and reddish in color.

Stretch Marks

These are also a form of scars though these are most commonly seen in women after childbirth.

How to Choose the Best Scar Removal Cream

When it comes to choosing the best scar removal cream, the choice often comes down to the active ingredients in the cream. Some of the active ingredients that are known to be highly effective for a reduction of scars appearance are as follows:

Vitamin E

Vitamin EIt is extremely useful for getting rid of scars due to burns. Therefore, if one has scars due to burns, a cream that has ample quantity of vitamin E should be used for treatment.


The gel creams containing silicone have also been known to improve the scars appearance. These are extremely useful for raised scars such as keloids. It helps in aligning the collagen fibers over the skin that prevents development of hardened fibers.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Citric acid, malic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid form part of the alpha hydroxy acids. One of the biggest benefits of these types of acids is that these help in separating the dead skin cells from the healthy skin cells. Therefore, creams rich in these acids can help in getting rid of dead tissue in the scars.

Cost of Cream

best scar removal creamMost effective creams available today are decently priced and do not cost much. The cost is extremely low when compared to all the other alternatives of removing the scars such as surgery that can be risky and may not be always successful.

Overall, choosing the best scar removal cream depends on the type of scars as well as the age and size of the scars.

It is important to keep in mind that these creams take some time to start working, as it is a completely natural process. However, these creams work and many users have been successful in reducing the appearance of their scars with the help of these creams.


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