What Is The Best Scar Cream To Use After Having Plastic Surgery


If you have recently had plastic surgery, you are probably going through phase where you begin to recover. While recovering, you may have scars from the incisions that the surgeon had to make, along with some bruising due to the changes made to your body.

If you want to make sure that those scars go away quickly so that you can proudly show off your new body to everyone, there are several types of scar products that you can begin using.

There are a few different brands that are the most popular because people swear by them and insist that they really work at diminishing scars. One of those scar creams is known as Mederma. It comes in a plastic tube that you can squirt to get the cream out and apply generously over the scars that you have. There are several reasons why this cream is such a popular choice.

Mederma can help to quickly heal the scars from plastic surgery, but it can also be used on scars that you may have had from several years ago. It is also a lotion that offers protection from the sun so that you can wear it without getting sunburn on areas of your body. It is an affordable option that you can use daily to start seeing results.

It is best to apply the scar cream lotion to your skin at least two times each day. You might not see astonishing results after just one day, but if you stick with it and use it as much as possible, the results will begin to show in just a few weeks. In fact, you may notice progress after a few days of continuously applying the scar cream to your scars.

MedermaAlong with Mederma, many people like to use Bio-Oil for scars. Instead of a cream, this particular product comes as oil in a small bottle.

You squirt a small amount onto your fingertips and then begin rubbing it lightly on the skin until your skin becomes saturated with the oil.

Leave it on throughout the day or even wear it right before you are going to bed. Give the oil plenty of time to soak into your skin so that it can do its job of healing.

Bio-Oil contains several vitamins and essential oils, all of which promote healing and reduce inflammation so that your skin will begin looking better in no time. It is soothing, not too greasy and it does not have a bad scent to it at all.

The bottle will last you a long time because just a few drops really will go a long way when it comes to covering your skin. If you would like to use both Mederma and Bio-Oil, it is safe to use them simultaneously.

In fact, it could be better for you to use the lotion in the morning and the oil at night to achieve the best results. Before you know it you may no longer be able to even see the exact incision marks that were left behind from the plastic surgery.

Derma EAlthough the two options mentioned above are popular choices, there are still several other products that you can use to lighten plastic surgery scars. Derma E is a scar gel that contains onion extract.

You can slather it over your skin and leave it on until you take a shower. When you use it regularly, it is great for lightening scars and stretch marks too.

If you would prefer to take a natural approach, you may want to buy coconut oil and put together your own blend of ingredients to create a scar ointment of your own. Combining coconut oil with olive oil and a few essential oils would be a good idea. You could then add the blend of ingredients on your skin daily to keep it moisturized while helping to lighten those scars.

Lemon juice may also lighten the scars that you have. However, consult with your plastic surgeon about whether or not you should be applying it to your skin just yet. If your incisions are still a bit sore, adding lemon juice to them may cause a burning sensation, so this is one remedy that you should only try if you simply want to lighten the scars a bit further after trying other methods first.

After having plastic surgery, you might be starting to feel more confident because you love the way that your body looks now. However, if you want to make sure that it looks absolutely flawless and nobody is able to tell that you have had any work done, you can start using scar creams on your skin each day. After a while, you will see the huge difference that the scar creams, gels and oils can make for you.


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