What Is The Best Natural Scar Treatment?


It is a lot easier to treat a wound in order to prevent scars. However, you may still be able to lighten scars with natural methods. In some cases, you might even be able to get them to vanish. Many scars will lighten over time, but you might be eager to clear up your skin sooner.

The best natural scar cream for you might depends upon your skin type, sensitivities, and what you happen to have around the house. You might buy a commercial scar cream that has been made with natural ingredients. If you are the do-it-yourself type, you might come up with your own.

How To Treat New Cuts

If you get a new wound, try to treat it promptly. Of course, you need to clean your cut. Apply an antibiotic cream to reduce the risk of infection. Then you might protect the wound with a bandage. This helps protect your skin cut from infection, and it also keeps in your body’s natural moisture.

Keeping your wound moisturized is one of the best defenses against hard scabs and scarring. In general, the quicker you can heal a wound, the less likely it is to scar. Pregnant women should also keep their skin moisturized in order to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks.

scar removalIn fact, one handy natural product that might help prevent scarring is a dab of honey. Honey keeps in moisture and has natural antibiotic properties. Have you ever noticed that honey is one natural food that does not spoil when it sits out on the counter for a long time? After you clean your wound, try a dab of honey. Then cover it with a band-aid.

If you believe you have developed a serious wound, it is a good idea to check with a doctor to reduce the risks of infection, scarring, or permanent damage. This is particularly important if the wound is on a sensitive or very visible part of your body.

Treating Existing Scars

How can you lighten or remove existing scars? There are no guarantees with natural treatments, but there are some effective remedies that people have relied upon for centuries. Some examples are food that contain vitamin C, food with a high quantity of essential fatty acids, and the aloe plant.

Vitamin C: Nature’s Skin Remedy

Vitamin C is one example of a natural anti-oxidant. It is a common ingredient in commercial scar removal treatments too. Of course, you can get your skin to absorb this vitamin without buying a commercial cream!

Make Your Own Scar Removal Mask

tomatoesIn fact, one Indian remedy for all sorts of skin problems is to make a facial mask out of tomatoes. This naturally cleanses your skin and supplies Vitamin C and other nutrients. You simply make a paste out of the tomatoes with your blender, let it sit on your skin for several minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. You might try this for a couple of weeks to see if it works.

An alternative to tomatoes are lemons. Dab a bit of lemon juice on your scar. Lemons, being a citrus fruit, are naturally high in Vitamin C. The juice from a lemon will probably smell better than tomatoes anyway. It is better to walk around with a fresh lemony scent than smelling like tomato sauce or ketchup!

Essential Fatty Acids Help Your Skin Heal

Essential fatty acids are an example of another nutrient that your body uses to repair itself. Many oils are high in the “good kind of fat,” and they can help you lighten or remove existing scars. Some examples are coconut and olive oil. Try dabbing a bit of oil over your scar and gently massaging it into your skin. In any case, the oil should help moisturize your skin and make it feel better.

Aloe: Nature’s Skin Restoration Plant

Aloe is commonly used to relieve burns and cuts. It actually helps regenerate skin tissue, fights inflammation, and provides moisture. This all helps your skin restore itself, and it can also provide soothing pain relief. You can purchase aloe gel in the store.

Lots of people like to grow these plants, and they are easy to care for. If you grow the plant, simply break off one of the thick leaves and use the gel inside on your skin. One good thing about aloe plants is that they tend to grow more stems over time if you pot them in a big enough pot and give them plenty of water. This means your plant should be big enough to divide up soon. An aloe plant makes a great gift for your friends, and it is a handy plant to have around the house.

Can You Heal Every Scar Naturally?

laser scar removalYou can help your skin naturally, but some skins will resist treatment. If you cannot lighten your scar through natural means, you may want to visit a doctor. They have stronger formulations of some of the same natural methods you might try at home.

These include alpha-hydroxy creams which are made from natural fruit acids. This treatment can be a bit harsher than the ones that were mentioned above, so make sure you follow your medical provider’s instructions carefully. Of course, you can also purchase weaker alpha-hydroxy creams and lotions over the counter at your local pharmacy.

A doctor might also prescribe Retin-A, a strong vitamin A formula, to treat scars.


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