What Is The Best Drugstore Scar Removal Cream?


If you have a noticeable scar, it can really affect your self confidence. In more severe cases of scarring a doctor can prescribe topical medication, or even recommend surgery, to improve the appearance of the scar.

However, scarring can normally be treated effectively at home using creams readily available from the drugstore.

Do Over The Counter Scar Creams Work?

Many people have doubts over whether an over the counter cream can really make a significant difference to the appearance of a scar. The good news is that yes they do work – but it depends on how serious the scarring is.

If the trauma to the dermal layer of tissue was significant then it is very difficult for the collagen fibers to repair the damage. The fibers will fuse together haphazardly, which can form a scar which is raised, uneven and very noticeable. Topical creams may make a noticeable difference, but will never diminish the scar entirely. On the other hand, mild to moderate skin damage will form a neater scar, which will respond well to drugstore treatments.

What Is The Best Drugstore Scar Removal Cream?

When it comes to choosing a scar removal cream, there is no one product which can be considered superior to the others. This is because what active ingredients will make the biggest difference depends largely on what caused the scarring in the first place. To help you choose the cream which best suit your individual needs, we will explain what the three most effective types of scar removal product are.

Mederma Cream

medermaThe most versatile – and arguably the most effective scar removal cream – is Mederma. It is suitable for almost all types of use, which includes acne scars, mild to moderate burns and surgical scarring.

However, it is only the best scar removal product for you if your scarring is relatively recent. Clinical trials have shown that it can make some difference to old scars, but that the improvements in appearance are minimal.

However, the results of the cream can be dramatic on scarring which has occurred recently. Scientists have found that Mederma can inhibit the over production of collagen, which prevents a scar from forming which has a raised, rough – and therefore more noticeable – appearance.

In addition to this, Mederma contains Cepalin, which is both antibacterial and anti inflammatory. When used early on, this can soothe wounds and skin problems so that healing occurs before significant damage does. This can help to prevent scars from forming in the first place.

To achieve good results, Mederma must be used consistently over a period of many weeks.

Alpha HydroxyAlpha Hydroxy Acid Cream

If your scarring is caused by acne, the most effective drugstore products you can purchase are creams containing alpha hydroxy acid.

This has been proven in clinical trials to stimulate cell growth and renewal, which helps the skin to heal. For maximum effectiveness, it is often combined with glycolic acid which helps to shed the dead skin cells. This helps to prevent scarring, or at least will lead to scars which are more discrete in appearance.

When you are looking for alpha hydroxy acid based creams, it helps to know that it can be listed under many names on the list of ingredients. Usually it will be listed as malic acid, lactic acid or citric acid on the product’s label.

Vitamin E Creams

Many people purchase a scar cream if they have suffered a mild to moderate burn, in order to reduce the scarring. A simple vitamin E cream can be effective for this as long as you purchase the product early on and use it consistently, Vitamin E creamat least twice per day. This is because vitamin E is an antioxidant, and can optimize the healing process. But can it be used on other types of scarring?

Generally, it is not recommended that you use vitamin E cream for other types of scars. The ingredient is highly moisturizing, and can help to temporarily plump up skin cells.

If your scarring was minor, this might improve the appearance of the scar and make it seem diminished, which may lead you to believe that it is having an effect on the scar.

However, the plumping effect is temporary and the scar will return to its previous state once you stop using the cream. Mederma or an alpha hydroxy acid based cream will give you much better and longer lasting results.

If you are want to reduce how noticeable a newly formed scar is, over the counter creams can make a noticeable difference if you use them consistently and for a prolonged period. However, if you are unhappy with the results, it may be worth booking a consultation with a dermatologist to get professional advice on how to improve scarring.


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