What Are The Active Ingredients That Enable Scar Creams To Work?


When you have scars, especially if they are visible scars, it can be difficult to go out and face the world on a daily basis.

The truth is, for many people who have noticeable scars marring their appearance, figuring out how to get rid of those scars is a top priority, to say the least.

There are many schools of thought about the best way to go about this. Some people are proponents of using only all-natural substances to either fade or eliminate scars.

Some people believe that time is the only thing that can truly help with scar removal, and that anything that claims to supplement or speed up that process is ultimately ineffective.

However, there are a multitude of people who have found great success with scar removal creams, and have been able to reduce the appearance of visible and unattractive scars significantly, thereby greatly improving the quality of their lives.

For those people, no amount of arguing about the efficacy of scar removal creams will do any good, because they simply know for a fact that scar removal creams work – they have the firsthand knowledge for proof of it!

So, you may be wondering, if scar removal creams are, indeed, effective, how exactly do they work? What kinds of ingredients do they contain that enable them to accomplish something as amazing and as useful as lightening or eliminating scar tissue?

Well, the truth is, there is a wide variety of ingredients that are used by different creams in order to achieve varying levels of efficacy, but there are a few major ones that the most popular and most trusted of the scar removal creams utilize, and those tend to stick within that small range of ingredients.

Acne Scar CreamsOne of the ingredients that is used in some of the most well-respected scar removal creams is onion skin extract.

It is sometimes referred to as Cepalin. The main advantages of onion skin extract are the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it naturally possesses.

These make it a perfect fit for fighting scar tissue.

They help to reduce skin redness and irritation, which creates a perfect environment for healing, as well as fighting the growth and continued development of scars.

Additionally, onion skin extract has also shown a demonstrated ability to block the production of collagen.

Since collagen is one of the necessary building blocks of scar tissue, it only makes sense that onion skin extract fight scar tissue development, in that case.

Another very effective active ingredient in many creams which fight the development of scars, as well as lessening the appearance of scars which have already formed, is alpha hydroxy acids.

The magic of alpha hydroxy acids is that, when applied to skin, it aids in exfoliation – that is, getting rid of cells that your skin does not need in order to thrive. This property makes it a clear winner in the battle to fight scars, if anything would!

Two of the lesser-used (but still incredibly effective) ingredients in scar removal creams are Vitamin E and Silicone. These ingredients work to flatten the shape of scars which rise above the regular level of the skin.

Of course, this is a critical component to making scars appear less visible to the eye, and so are important factors to include in any scar removal regimen that you undertake.

Teen With Acne After all, even if the color and texture of scars are able to be dealt with, they are still going to be embarrassingly noticable if their shape is irregular and eye-catching.

In conclusion, it is clear from a careful examination of the ingredients of scar removal creams that they contain powerful active ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of ugly scars, and therefore they have a high probability of efficacy in practical application – that is, if you use them consistently and as directed, chances are that they will work as advertised to help you get rid of the unsightly scars that you have struggled with once and for all, so that you can face the world with confidence, knowing that your skin is clear and free of scars and blemishes!


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