Use Neosporin As A First Aid Ointment To Ensure Zero Scars From Injury


Neosporin is one of the most well-known first aid ointment that is used on scrapes, incisions and burns. Many people have found the cream to be highly effective in significantly lessening the appearance of scars.

The manufacturer also says that this cream is not only an effective antibiotic as it kills most common skin bacteria but it also helps with the appearance of scars.

Most of the drugstores and supermarkets carry this cream as an over the counter drug. You may easily find the cream in the first aid supplies aisle. Some of the most common reasons for scars are surgery, bruises, injuries, burns, cuts and acne.

There are many scar removal products available in the market but most of them are not effective in getting rid of scars. In fact, most of the scar removal products do not have any clinical studies proving their effectiveness.

scar removal creamResearchers have conducted a clinical study to study the effectiveness of Neosporin as a scar removal cream. The study shows that this cream helps in minimizing the appearance of scars if the cuts, burns and scrapes are treated with Neosporin in an effective manner.

It is important to keep in mind that Neosporin is supposed to be used for first aid only. If there are serious injuries or serious burns.

You should definitely consult a physician before using this cream or any other product. It is an antibiotic and does help in small wounds but may not be the right treatment for serious wounds.

Proper Use

Scar removal creamTo use Neosporin, you need to ensure that your hands are completely clean. You may clean your hands by washing them with soap. Also, you will need to remove any medical dressings that are still there on the wound.

Now you need to clean the infected spot with water and some soap. This helps in removing any fragments, dressing and any of the previous ointment.

Now you need to take some cream on your fingers and gently apply it on the injured spot. You need to ensure that the whole injury is covered by the cream. After spreading it properly, you may clean your hands and dress up the wound again. It is important to cover the wound as this cream is not as effective for disinfecting and removing scars, as with covered wounds.


consult with doctorThere may be times when your wound may become infected, even if you treated it with this cream. Therefore, you need to take a good look at the injury to ensure that there is no infection present. In case of any indications of presence of infection, you need to immediately consult your doctor.

The usual signs of infection are fever with temperatures above 101 degrees Fahrenheit , unusual smell from the wound, redness of the wound, hot skin, accumulation of fluid under the skin and similar other signs.

If you notice any of the above signs, you should not apply the cream on the wound and instead, get in touch with your doctor.

Allergic Reaction

Even though it is quite rare, there have been cases where this cream has been found to be cause of allergic reaction such as feeling of burning, redness, itchiness, pain, rashes and inflammation. In such cases also, you should also consult your doctor before continuing with your treatment. It is also recommended to use the cream for a maximum of one week. If you wound is still not healed, it is better to go to your doctor and seek additional treatment.


It is recommended to store this cream at room temperature and in a dry place. In case, the tube is damaged or the cap is defective, you should not use that tube. Pay close attention to the expiry date of the cream. It is recommended to not use the cream if it is already past the expiry date.

How It Works

doctorAs mentioned above, it is an antibiotic cream. It works by killing the bacteria that may cause infection in the wound. Your doctor may recommend this cream for other problems too.

You should never discontinue this cream, if not recommended by your doctor. If you discontinue using the cream before the recommended period, it may not be that effective.

It works by killing three types of skin bacteria. In addition it also offers long-term protection from infection. In case, you miss applying it on a day; just use the cream when you remember.

However, using double the cream to make up for the loss isn’t going to work. Therefore, use only the amount that covers the wound effectively.

It is important to use Neosporin on a small injury to ensure that there are no scars left when the injury is healed. As mentioned above, it is a first aid product and therefore, it may not be effective when used later.


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