What Are the Top Rated Scar Removal Products Available Today?


Scars are caused by any injury, burn or other trauma to the skin. Some will fade over time, while there are others that stay for years. This is the reason why people who have scars are looking for various scar removal options.

Even though some scars can be easily concealed, others are not. However, the problem now is choosing among the top rated scar removal products.

Before looking through your options, learning more about scars and how they form is important. This will enable you to choose a treatment or a product easier, since you already know some of the main factors to consider.

Know Your Type Of Scar

Scars occur as a result of the healing process after the skin has sustained injury. Its size, as well as type differs depending on how the injury or trauma was sustained. For instance, any scar from surgery is usually deep and big. Your age and ethnicity can also affect how your scars will look. Gender and genes play important roles, as well.

There are four major type of scars based on these factors. The first one is the keloid scar. Among the scar types, it is the hardest to treat, since it extends beyond the initial wound or injury. This is because keloid scars typically grow over time. They are usually the result of a burn or surgery. Moreover, people who have darker skin tone are at higher risk of getting these than those who have fairer skin.

acne scarAnother scar type is the acne scar. It is the most common scar type among the four. This is no longer surprising since most people dealt with acne at one point in their life.

Acne scars can also range from deep pits to angular scars, depending on how severe the acne was.

Hypertrophic scars are another scar type, which is common for those who have deep wounds. These scars are raised and often reddish in color, so dealing with them can be hard.

There are instances where people mistake their hypertrophic scar as a keloid scar, since they look similar. In fact, the only difference between the two is the hypertrophic scar does not usually spread beyond the initial injury.

The last type is the contracture scar. This is usually the result of burns to the skin. These scars often tighten the skin, which makes it harder to move the affected part or area. There are also instances where it affects the nerves, as well as the muscles.

Top Rated Scar Removal Products

Now that you know the different types of scars, it is time to learn about the best scar removal products to eliminate them. Just keep in mind to choose the product that suits the type of scar you have. This is to ensure the product will really work well for your scars. You can always consult your doctor if you are unsure about it.

scar removal creamAmong the scar removal products available in the market today, scar removal creams are the most common. This is no longer surprising since they are easy to use and inexpensive, too.

There are several downsides to using scar removal creams, though. First off is, it might take a couple of months before the scar starts to fade. Another reason is some creams will not work on all types of scars, such keloid scars.

For this reason, people usually turn to injections. Even though it is not as cost effective as scar removal creams, it can provide better results. Moreover, this method can effectively treat keloid and hypertrophic scars, which the ordinary scar removal creams cannot do.

Among the top rated scar removal products and treatments available, undergoing surgical scar removal is the most ideal. Yes, it is the most costly, but it is also the most effective. These procedures will give you the assurance that you will be able to treat your scars in no time. In fact, the fading immediately starts after you have undergone treatment the first time.

Factors For Choosing Among The Top Rated Scar Removal Products

Before you choose a product or treatment, you should first consider several things. One is the type of scar you have. If you have an acne scar and it is not too deep, then you should just settle for scar removal creams. This is the more budget-friendly option compared to the others, and since your scar is not that deep, eliminating it will not be as hard.

keloid scarsHowever, if you have hypertrophic or keloid scars, choosing the surgical scar removal treatments would be best. This is especially the case if you have keloid scars.

This is because keloid scars can grow, which means the normal scar removal cream will often not work. Moreover, you need to choose a method that will instantly give you results in order to prevent your scar from growing more.

You can also ask for the advice of your doctor or your dermatologist. They will be able to help you decide the best option for the type of scar you have. They can also monitor your progress and suggest other treatments for you.


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