The Best Scar And Stretch Mark Removal And Prevention Treatments


Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches too rapidly due to growth during puberty, rapid weight gain or pregnancy. Most women, about 90 per cent will get stretch marks around their abdomen, thighs and hips. It also seems that the tendency to get stretch marks is genetic, that is if your mother had the stretch marks, then you will probably bet them as well.

It is nearly impossible to totally remove stretch marks totally, because they are tears and scars in the dermis of the skin, which is the middle layer. When the skin heals, then the stretch marks are the result of the healing.

There are some strategies that you can take however, that can alleviate the stretch marks, and condition the skin around the areas that you might get them in the future, so the skin will be more elastic and not as prone to leave the stretch marks. Using some lotion, like Retin-A on old stretch marks may still give you a boost in your appearance, but it is not near as effective as using the lotion on brand new fresh stretch marks.

Some of the lotions that work well, but require a prescription to obtain them are Retin-A, tazorac, Renova, and Differin. All of these items have retinoic acid as an ingredient in them.

If you are pregnant, then you can put Glycolic acid on your skin for stretch marks, and you can get it over the counter with out a prescription. If you need a stronger dose, you can get it from a Dermatologist. If you do treat your skin with Glycolic acid, be sure that you stay out of the sun. If you need to speak to a doctor anyway for a prescription for Retin-A, ask how you should incorporate glycolic acid into your routine.

Doctor Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Treatment Senior WomanVascular laser treatments can be effective in removing stretch marks, but you will need to be ready to pay a good chunk of money for the treatment. The process works the best if you are light-skinned, because there needs to be a contrast between the skin and the redness of the stretch marks. If your skin is darker, then the contrast may not be enough to do you any good.

For the vascular laser treatment, you will need 3 to 6 treatments, and $450 each, so you could do the math on that. Scarring and hyperpigmentation are possible side effects of the laser treatment.

If it is impossible to get rid of the stretch marks, you could have a tummy tuck, although that would be considered drastic treatment. The cost for a procedure such as that would be in the neighborhood of $4,000 to $20,000. As with any surgery, the risks might outweigh the cure, so that particular option should be carefully considered.

The recovery process is quite long, as it will keep you from working for 2 to 4 weeks, and it will be up to 6 months before you are completely healed. It could be too, that if you gained weight after the surgery, you might get new stretch marks. Insurance does not usually cover surgery for stretch marks, as this procedure is considered cosmetic surgery.
Some people have had success with SPF 60 or higher place directly on the stretch mark. Tanning with a HGH SPF tends to make the marks not be as visible, and even more so if you work out at all.

Be sure that you are always drinking plenty of good water, water that is pure, not full of chlorine or fluoride. This keeps the skin more elastic and helps in healing the skin. You also want to be sure that your diet is very rich in nutrients, especially those that pertain to the skin. Vegetables that are heavy in vitamin A are good, such as carrots.

scar removal methodsOther oils and creams that have been found to be helpful and to have healing properties are mostly naturally based and have no harmful ingredients. You will want to read the labels of everything that you rub onto your skin. If you don’t know what any particular ingredients are or what they do, just look the name up on the Internet, and find out.

Never put anything on your skin that would be harmful. Remember, anything you rub onto your skin is absorbed into the body, so you want to stay away from anything with harmful or caustic ingredients in them.

Emu oil is the only oil or product that will penetrate deeply enough into the skin to get to a stretched scar or tear. It will absorb to the point of scarring and take the healing properties with it.

A cream called Nourish STM Scar Cream is excellent in treating existing stretch marks and the skin areas where stretch marks might occur. It consists of healing butters, Emu oil, copper peptides and other herbal substances that all work together to heal and form new collagen as the old collegian is taken away. This is truly a very effective treatment, which takes about 45 days to rejuvenate the skin back to its natural properties.

Emu oil has been proven by research studies to be very beneficial in the prevention and the reduction of stretch marks. The oil penetrates to every level of the skin to moisturize and keep it elastic enough to ward off the tearing and damage when the skin expands. It is a wonderful ingredient.


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