Surgical Ways to Get Rid of Scars Caused by Acne


There are many ways to get rid of scars especially those that are caused because of acne. Acne scars are intolerable because they are located on the face and very ugly in appearance. Normally, scars are somewhat difficult to treat and recover. However, tissue regrowth is easy to do these days because of the enhancement of technology in skin care. Pimple scars are healed skin damages due to an acne infection in the past. The severity of acne breakout triggers tissue scarring. Thus, you should not neglect it and do skin care methods to stop it. It is important to get protection against acne scarring throughout the initial stages of the acne episode. This is very important especially when nodules or cysts accompany the red pustules at the surface of your skin.

While most people consider surgical treatments to be risky, they are the most reliable option available for the total treatment and recovery of your skin and removal of damaged skin tissues. Laser resurfacing is a widely-used procedure to remove damaged skin cells and promotes regeneration of new skin cells. However, laser resurfacing demands anesthesia during the procedure. Normally, a laser resurfacing procedure lasts between few minutes and an hour based on the severity of the scars.

Fractional laser therapy is the most modern method of getting rid of scars. This is a surgical method of accessing the deep layers of the skin in order to remove scars. These surgical methods are superior to laser resurfacing or dermabrasion because it gives high quality results and minimal time of recovery. However, fractional laser therapy is one of the most expensive scar removal treatments that are only within the reach to people who can afford it.

There are instances that the skin needs to be prepared for deep level treatments for severe scars. This means that the top layers of the skin need to be ready to support the intervention. Microdermabrasion and collagen injections are normally used as preparatory treatments. However, this also depends on the determination of the dermatologist. You should take note that you should not try doing chemical peeling on your own because it will put the skin and scars the risk of irritation.

When it comes to ways to get rid of scars, they can be categorized depending on their appearance and formation design. Scars appear because of previous damage or injuries to the skin. Dermatologists consider the nature of the scars as being an important aspect on determining the method to get rid of scars.


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