Is Surgery A Good Way To Treat Scars?


A visible scar can alter your appearance, ruin your self-esteem and change the way people perceive you. It is possible to get rid of scars thanks to a number of treatments, including topical creams, silicone sheets and even surgery.

This last option is not the most common to treat scars but surgery can be a very efficient way of making a scar disappear in some cases.

There are different types of scars and the best treatment varies depending on the type of scar you have. For instance, scars left after a severe burn can be removed thanks to a skin graft while laser resurfacing might be a better option for acne scars. You should have a dermatologist look at your scar to determine what the best treatment option would be for you.

A scar revision procedure is a non-invasive surgery that can do wonders for small scars. This is a good option if you have scars left by acne, birth marks or accidents. Scar revision usually includes injected the scar with a special filler to hide the depression and smoothing the skin to minimize the appearance of the scar. This is also a good option for small scars left by piercings and other body modifications.

acne scarAn excision procedure might be needed for deep scars. This type of surgery is a good option if you have deep acne scars or ice pick scars. A small biopsy instrument is used to removed the affected area and the skin is closed with suture points.

This procedure is very quick and is a great way to eliminate small but deep scars. The suture points will not leave any visible marks, unless the scar that needs to be treated is large.

Skin grafts are a great way to hide larger scars. Grafts can be used to cover scars left by burns and to remove larger noticeable scars. Healthy skin is taken from another area of your body to replace the affected area.

This procedure involves more risks and is more complex than other types of surgery used to remove scars. However, a skin graft might be your only option if you have burn scars or other types of deep scars. It is best to meet with a dermatologist to determine if skin graft would be a good option for you.

keloid scarsLaser resurfacing is another option you should explore if you have keloid scars or other small scars. This technique is used to even out the skin and make scars less noticeable. Laser resurfacing is also a good way to hide a scar or a birth mark with an unusual color.

In some cases, laser resurfacing is used in combination with other scar treatments, such as silicone sheets designed to flatten a raised scar. It is important to approach scar removal surgery with realistic expectations.

In some cases, surgery can completely eliminate a scar. However, some scars are more difficult to remove due to their size or how deep they are. If you are considering scar removal surgery, meet with a specialized surgeon to talk about the procedure you would like to use and to get an idea of what to expect.

Keep in mind that it might be possible to undergo several surgeries to gradually eliminate a scar. Scar removal surgery involves a few risks you should know about. Just like with every other type of surgery, there is a risk of developing an infection. You can easily reduce this risk by choosing a reliable surgeon and visiting the clinic beforehand to make sure the place is clean and well-maintained.

scar removal surgeryThere is also a risk that the scar removal procedure will not be entirely successful or that a new scar will appear after the surgery. Your surgeon should take the time to go over these risks and explain the steps that will be taken to minimize risks.

Several factors influence the results of scar removal surgery. Young and elastic skin tends to regenerate a lot faster and improves the chances of a successful scar removal procedure.

On the other hand, an old scar that runs deep in skin tissues will be difficult to remove if the skin does not produce much collage or if skin damage is present. A dermatologist will be able to assess the chances of completely eliminating your scar after inspecting the affected area.

In the end, surgery can be a great way to treat a scar but it is important to have realistic expectations. If you are considering a scar removal surgery, meet with a dermatologist or a specialized surgeon to have your scar inspected and learn more about your different options. Choose your surgeon carefully and make sure they have plenty of experience with the procedure they will use to remove your scar. You should also ask about the risks you are taking by undergoing scar removal surgery.


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