Scar Removing Agents


Scar removal is important especially to those who are conscious with their looks. Scar on the face is indeed embarrassing especially if it’s too big hence the need to use scar removing agents is important and essential. There are non-operative techniques to help reduce the presence of scar.

There are also injections and augmentation processes, even the use of tattoo and make up are being used. Finding the best scar removal agents is needed if you want to get rid of your scar.

Means to Eliminate Scar

Ample methods are available in removing scars. Depending on the severity of the scar, there are always best solutions and agents that can be used to minimized or thoroughly remove scar from the skin. Occurrence of scar may be experienced all over the body as a result of wounds, acne or bruises.

Hence, it is treated accordingly depending on how sensitive or severe it is. The use of scar removing agents is one of the ways to eliminate this fibrous tissue or scar.

Functions of Scar Removing Agents

reduces inflammation and swelling.

Normally, scar removing agents are produced from natural means as well as with mild chemicals. It also works in various ways. Some agents act as moisturizers and lock in moisture in the affected area. Other scar removing agents reduces inflammation and swelling.

While some act as a medium to lessen redness, remove dead skins, renew skin cells, and exfoliate skin. The effect of this solution differs in most cases and depending on how the organ compatibly reacts with the agent.

In this modern era, there are a lot of sprouting methods for the successful removal of scars in the face and in any parts of the body.

With the use of skin filler substances, different high quality techniques, new discoveries and technologies that will help in abrading the contours of the face as well as resurfacing.

Different Kinds of Scars

Scars are carefully treated depending on its type and the cause of damage. Some scars are so small and can easily handle through first aid and minimal treatments. Other types of scars are caused by serious and harmful means that needs proper attention and remedy.

A scar is part of the healing process but should be given appropriate response to avoid serious damage that may lead to other acute illnesses.

  1. Scars Caused by Burns Scars Caused by Acne : Acne scars may result from too much or severe acne condition.
  2. Scars Caused by Burns : Burn scars or otherwise known as contracture scars have the tendencies to tighten a person’s skin hindering from moving freely or normally.
    It can sometimes affect other parts of the body like the muscles and nerves aside from skin.
  3. Hypertrophic Scars : This type of scar is the opposite of keloid, it is also bumping yet its size will not go beyond the size of the wound.
    It is manifested by red bumpy scars which can simply be treated by steroids to reduce the presence of inflammation.
  4. Keloid : Keloid usually results from a defective process of healing. It can be unpleasant looking accompanied by an itchy feeling that may sometimes appear red, thick and similar to a bump.
    It is usually larger than the original size of the wound. This is why the use of effective scar removing agent is important.

Different Scar Removing Agents

Scar removing agents are essential components or substances that aids in removing of scars. It is often mixed with other elements to maximize effects. It can be in gel form, liquid, creams, lotions or used as raw chemicals directly obtained from natural organisms. These agents help a lot to reduce severity of scars and other blemishes caused by scarring process.

  1. build the collagenCollagen Synthesizing Agents : These agents helps build the collagen in order to easily replace the damage skin with new one.
  2. Natural Skin Lightening Agents : These are often made up of natural chemicals from lemons, cucumbers and essential oils. It may also mixed with other types of acids to help lightens the skin.
  3. Hydroxy Acids : These are group of acids that serves as an agents in removing old, damage and dead skins in order to produce young and healthy skin.
    Hydroxy acids peel the skin gently in considerable amount of time.
    This scar removing agent is often used to treat acne scars, burns, stretch marks and surgical scars.’

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