Researching How Much Revitol Scar Cream Is In The Philippines


I will be heading down to the Philippines for vacation soon, and I am currently looking into how much revitol scar cream will cost in this instance. I have heard many good things about buying scar creams down in the Philippines, but have yet to try it out for myself. I guess this will be my chance to see how it works… and if it works at all.

For a long time now I have had many scars. These scars have done a lot of damage to my psyche, and my self-esteem. No girl growing up wants to be covered in scars. Often, other students, even my friends sometimes – of course later I realized that they weren’t really my friends – would make fun of me for having so many scars on my body, particularly on my stomach and on the back of my legs.

Where did I get these scars, you may ask? It’s a bit of a long story, but it’s a combination of being in a terrible car accident as a small child and already having some serious skin conditions that did not make my injuries heal very well.

The doctors back then told me that I may never have smooth skin again. As a small child, it was easy for me to say that I didn’t care about it. After all, few small children – I’m talking about five, here – even know what that really means. My mother, however, really worried about me. I soon found out why.

As I was growing up, I realized how cruel some children could be. Most didn’t notice until I got into sixth grade and started having to shower after gym class. Then my peers would make fun of my scars on my legs and my stomach. It didn’t matter how I got them. The fact of the matter was that I was not “normal,” and therefore must be shamed for my body.

hypertrophic scar creamThese days, I know that it’s beyond my power. But recently I have heard a lot about Revitol scar cream and would like to give it a try. I think it may be able to help me out and make my skin look good again. I have heard a lot of good things from my friends who use it.

Each of them said they used it on surgery and old injury scars and that it really helped clear them up to the point that you can barely seem them now! I am so impressed. As it happens, I will be going down to the Philippines soon, and I have also heard that you can get good deals on scar creams there. I am definitely going to go check that out.

We make a pilgrimage to the Philippines every couple of years, so it’s a good chance for me to check it out and see if I can get more scar cream in the future as well. You see, my husband, before he met me, had a child with a Filipino woman.

My husband is a very good soul, however, and we go down to visit his daughter as often as we can. He went more often when she was a child, but now that she’s grown and he’s married me, we don’t go down as often as we really should. She was the one I talked to online and found out about the scar cream from. She said she saw it there in their pharmacies for very cheap, so I really want to check it out for myself.

I’m not sure if this stuff will work. But I definitely want to try it out. I figure, if I can get it for cheap while on our trip to the Philippines, then I have not lost out on anything at all. But I have to try it out. I just want to see, once in my life, that I can have smooth, scar free skin. I have done quite a bit of research on this, but now all I need to know is how much it costs down there. I need to know how much money to budget!


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