The Quest for Smoother Skin: Do Scar Fading Creams Work?


It is common for most people to get a cut or wound from doing various activities. The good thing is that the body can heal these wounds on its own. However, after healing these wounds, the skin will not always look as good as new.

Some cuts and burns will end up as scars that often affect the overall appearance of a person. Surprisingly, scars actually show that the skin of a person is healthy. Some people, on the other hand, would like to remove these scars to keep their skin smooth and blemish-free. Today,

people can use many types of methods to remove scars. One of which are scar fading creams. However, not all are aware of what these creams can do, or if they even work. If you are wondering, “Do scar fading creams work,” it is best for you to know their effectiveness before deciding to buy one.

The Process and Results: Scar Formation And Types Of Scars

After a person gets a wound or burn, the body will soon begin to form scar tissues. This is possible with the help of collagen, a type of protein in the skin. Collagen helps contract and fill-up the wound with scar tissue. However, the scar tissue has a different structure compared to the skin. As a result, the scar tissue will have a different appearance, texture and sensation with no glands or hair.

scarThe type of scar formation will depend on a person’s age, sex, skin color and family history. Most children will not have scars as they grow because their body heals better than adults do.

For adults, scarring is common, but they can fade after weeks, months or years. However, some people form types of scars that never fade. This is the reason why they seek various skin products to treat their scars.

The most common type of scar is the hypertrophic scar. They appear reddish in color, but they do not grow larger than the wound. They often fade on their own, as well. Keloids, on the other hand, are much difficult to deal with.

These scars can grow larger than the wound and they appear raised. Contracture scars are the result of burn injuries. These scars are often so severe, that they damage the muscles and nerves. It may also limit a person’s range of movement. Atrophic scars are also a common type, which are often the result of acne or infections in the skin. This type of scar will appear sunken as a result from injuries that destroy the layers beneath the skin.

Last on the list of scars are the stretch marks, which are common for pregnant women, or anyone who gained or lost a lot of weight at a fast rate. These marks are scars that are deep below the layers of the skin, which appears to be a white or pinkish streak on the surface.

Do Scar Fading Creams Work?

creamMany products today claim that they can effectively get rid of scars. However, not all people will have the same results, even if they use the same expensive product. You should remember that scars can remain in place forever.

These creams will only make them less visible and blend better with the skin. Some creams may also improve the healing of the wound, so that it will heal without leaving a mark.

“Do scar creams work?” Many would ask this question before they shop. It is good to know that some of these creams do improve the appearance of the scars, even stretch marks and atrophic scars. Most of these screams contain fruit extracts and vitamins that improve the skin’s ability to heal.

This will also fade any present scars by improving the skin’s ability to form healthy tissue, changing the tone of the skin, or bleaching the scar itself. People with keloids also often wonder, “Do scar creams work on keloids?” The creams will help, but they will not remove the scar

. Unlike the smaller scars, keloid scars don’t fade, and they usually will not improve without treatment.The best thing that scar creams can do for keloids is to fade out the color and perhaps decrease the size slightly. Sadly, scar creams do not work for contracture scars. These scars are often severe and only surgery can improve their appearance.

Other Methods Of Scar Removal

Laser Skin Treatment The most effective, but quite risky form of treatment are laser treatments and skin surgery. However, many people prefer using silicone sheets. These sheets cover wounds to allow proper healing without leaving a scar.

You can even place them over existing scars and keloids to reduce the size and appearance. Most people consider this as the best scar removal treatment when laser treatment and surgery is not an option.

Do scar fading creams work? It will depend on the individual. It might work for others, but it may not work for you. If you are going to buy a scar removal cream, be sure to buy only from reliable brands to get the best possible results. If they don’t work for you, you may ask your doctor for alternatives in treating your scars.


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