Options in Finding the Best Scar Treatment for Breast Implants


Many women would like to enhance the size of their breasts. It improves their appearance and boosts their self-confidence. The only problem is that getting breast implants is not that different from other surgeries. Surgeons will have to slice-open a part of your body, which means that it is going to leave a scar.

People love to see the results, but they are worried about the scar. On the good side, people can buy products today that help get rid of the scars. There are many brands and types of products out there, which is why you need to know the best scar treatment for breast implants.

Things To Expect When You Get Breast Implants

Having this procedure is not the same for everyone. Patients can choose what type of breast implant they want, and how the surgeon will put it in. Today, people can choose between salt water, which is simply saline solution, or silicone. Many people prefer saline because it is safer, but there are still clinics that provide the latter option.

Patients can choose the shape and the size of the breast implant. Breast implants come in different sizes. There are those that surgeons insert first before filling them up with saline. They may also choose a textured type to lower the chances of a scar capsule forming around the implant. You can choose from three locations to place the implant as well, with each of them having their own pros and cons.

Inserting The Breast Implant: Things Patients Should Know

surgeonThe area the surgeon will insert the implants is where you can expect to develop a scar. You can choose from various types of incisions as to where the surgeon will insert the implant. Surgeons can put the implant through the following areas:

* Periareolar – around the nipple; has lesser scars, but might cause damage to the tissues.
* Inframammary – below the breast folds; the most common option. It is safer, but it leaves a visible scar below the breasts. An easier, safer option for surgeons.
* Transumbilical – through the navel; Many surgeons might suggest this option, but most experts say that you should not try it, if possible.
* Transaxillary – near the armpit; Surgeons insert the implant through the armpit area if they want to insert it first before filling it up. Doctors call this “scarless” breast augmentation, because the scar is small and harder to see.

The Best Scar Treatment For Breast Implants

After the procedure, you need to focus in healing the wound. Scars are not always the same for every person; the time it takes for them to fade varies. Some scars will also not disappear and will stay in place forever, such as Keloid scars. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to improve their appearance or prevent them from showing up at all.

Help From Silicone Gels And Sheets

Silicone Scar SheetsThis is the best option for treating breast implant scars. This option is also best for those who chose to have the implant inserted in the breast folds. You can place the sheets or gel two weeks after the wound started to heal.

What it does is create a “dome” above the wound that has a perfect environment for the wound to heal. As a result, it will have a great healing process in which there is little scar formation.

You only need to put the gel or sheet in a short period every day. The whole treatment usually takes months, but some say they saw results after just two weeks of use.

Scar Creams Can Help, Too

The scar left in breast implants is like any other scar, which means using scar creams could help greatly. Most scar creams increase skin cell regeneration and hydration. You should choose scar creams that have all-natural ingredients, just to be safe. Products with Allium Cepa, a chemical from onions, are great options to fade the scars.

Most scar creams do not have side effects and they cost less compared to silicone sheets. This makes them one of the best treatments for breast augmentation scars. However, you should remember that these products might not work for you. Not all people respond the same way to products and you might need to try a few for yourself to see how it works for you.

doctorIf you think you cannot find the perfect product, you can always ask your doctor. They can tell you which products to buy, or other methods that would help you get rid of your scars.

Most of all, if your scars are swelling or reddened for a long time, doctors will be able to help you. They will prescribe ointments to reduce the swelling, or use injections to treat it, as well.

Finding the best scar treatment for breast implants is easy, but you need to be careful in choosing. Do your best to buy those from reliable brands and be sure they do not have components that could harm you.


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