Natural Scar Removal Remedies You Can Try At Home


Keeping your skin free of blemishes is not an easy task. There is a constant battle to even out your skin tone and complexion, but most importantly, you need to be able to get rid of your scars. Scars can make their appearance in a wide range of sizes, but it can be especially irritating to find a scar in a very visible spot.

You can certainly try to cover your scars with clothing or even makeup, but there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting rid of them permanently. To help you get started, we will provide you with the top remedies for scar removal that you can try without help in the comfort of your own home.

Lemon Juice

lemon juiceLemon juice in its purest form can be used as a successful bleaching agent in order to make your scar less visible. However, if you apply it with care on a daily basis, it can also make the scar permanently disappear. Why does lemon juice work so well? It contains something called alpha hydroxy acids and they aid in skin cell regeneration and they also help with increasing the elasticity of your skin.

Before you apply the lemon juice directly to your scar, make sure that you properly clean the area and wash it thoroughly with soapy water. The next step is to apply the lemon juice directly onto the cotton ball and the dab it onto your scar. Let the juice sit on your scar for about ten minutes before you rinse it off. Now, the thing you need to keep in mind is that lemon juice can lead to skin sensitivity, so put on sunscreen before heading outside.


honeyRaw honey is another natural remedy that can help fade your scars over time. What makes it so optimal is that it contains natural moisturizing agents and most importantly, it can help regenerate skin.

To get the most benefits out of this remedy you will need baking soda to mix together with the raw honey. The baking soda combined with the honey creates a great natural paste that you can apply directly to your scar.

Once you apply your homemade paste, make sure that you massage it into the affected area for about three minutes. When you’re done, use a cool wet washcloth to wipe the area clean.

Onion Extract

Though undoubtedly one of the least likeable options, onion extract can help make your scars fade over a period of time. However, it takes about several months of constant application to be able to reach the desired effect. One thing about this extract is that it comes in a tube in cream form, so you can easily apply it with little or no preparation on your part.

Aloe Vera Gel

alo veraThe most recommended remedy to use is aloe vera gel. What makes aloe vera so poular? It contains anti-inflammatory agents, helps remove dead skin cells from scars and most importantly, lessen the swelling by producing healthy new skin cells.

Aloe vera is actually widely available in several different forms. Most commonly you can find it in drugstores as a cream, gel or paste.

Amla Or Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is another great remedy for you to try, but it may sometimes be called amla. The high concentration of vitamin C is able to help with forming scar tissue. It is optimal to use this right after the scar starts to form in order to get the most benefits.

The gooseberry is often sold in powder form, but you can easily mix it with some olive oil or just water to create a paste. Once again, you can directly apply the paste to your scar and rinse it off when you’re finished.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is yet another extract that can help you fade your scars over time. This treatment should be used daily for several months in order to yield the most benefits. However, tea tree oil can be extremely harsh on the skin when it hasn’t been diluted. Before you decide to use it, mix it with some water to create a soapy feel and use it to wash your scar gently.

Olive Oil

olive oilTo fade your scars or make them disappear, olive oil can be rubbed over the affected areas. It is high not only in anti-oxidants, but contains vitamins that can help heal your skin. Consider using extra virgin olive oil as it’s even more effective.

Getting rid of your scars without laser surgery is very much possible, but you need to be willing to invest your time in order to find the remedy that works for you. With most of the remedies being widely available at grocery stores and drugstores, you should have no trouble finding what works!


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