How Much Is The Best Scar Removal Process?


The removal of scars from your body can be a very difficult task depending upon the type of scarring that has occurred. For most people, scars are simply darkened areas where the skin has grown back where you were injured, the result of excess amounts of melanin.

When this occurs, you only have a few options that are available, most of which involve using skin lightening creams. However, if the injuries are more severe, or if you had severe acne as a teenager and developed atrophic scars that have left your face looking what is called pockmarked, different treatments must be applied.

There are so many different types of treatments, it’s hard to determine which ones are the best, as well as how much they will cost. We will present several different treatment options for scars that you may have so that they can be diminished, or actually removed, using some of the best scar removal procedures available today.

Common Scar Removal Techniques

topical creamsAs most scars that form tend to be very superficial, they are easy to deal with using topical creams.

Hydroquinone is a product that is used which has the ability to slow down or prevent melanin from being produced by melanocytes, the pigmentation that we all naturally have in our skin.

To remove the scars, by simply applying hydroquinone to these areas on a regular basis, it will lighten up where the scars are which can be used on areas where even the darkest scars have appeared, helping you to remove them, most of the time, completely.

Other common treatments that are used include the use of dermabrasion treatments or laser treatments that can remove the upper layer of skin. This is very common for keloid scars, rolling scars, or what are called hypertrophic scars where excess amounts of college and has been used in the restoration of the skin which has been damaged. These tend to be the most expensive type of treatments because of the technology that is used in order to render the end result.

acne scarsIt has become very common for people to use these treatments to not only deal with scars but also to resurface their skin in an attempt to look younger, removing wrinkles that have appeared.

Let’s assume that you have had acne scars for quite some time, the aforementioned pock marks on your face.

The treatment that you would want to use would be neither of the treatments that have already been mentioned, but injections and surgery would be the best choices.

Injections of collagen into areas where the skin has recessed lower than the surface can only be brought up injecting collagen to boost the upper layer of skin up in these areas. Likewise, a dermatologist that is skilled in surgery will be able to connect the pores that have opened up and will not close, effectively suturing them back together. Some scars, however, are very difficult to remove and there are reasons for this.

Why Scars Are So Difficult To Remove

keloid scarWhether you are dealing with scars that are dark in appearance, keloid scars above the surface, or indentations in your skin due to having acne or some type of injury, they can be difficult to restore because of the type of damage that has been done and the severity of the scar itself.

Extremely dark scars that have been there for years may not be rendered a lighter color regardless of how much Tretinoin or  hydroquinone that you apply.

If you have a very large scar that is several inches in length, plastic surgery may be your only option. As for scars that are above the surface, enormous keloid scars may only be surgically removed. There is only so much that a laser or a dermabrasion treatment can provide in regard to making the scars go away. So how much does it cost for these treatments, and which ones are the best? Let’s look at this information now.

How Much Is The Scar Removal Treatment That You Need?

Laser TreatmentIf you need to use hydroquinone in order to lighten up scars on your skin, it will cost anywhere between $20 and a couple hundred dollars depending upon the brand that you are purchasing, and the amount of hydroquinone that is in the actual treatment.

If you are having a dermabrasion treatment, these are a couple hundred dollars apiece, and laser treatments are even more.

Some of the pulsed laser treatments that are used for cosmetic purposes and for acne scars can cost several thousand dollars. It just depends on how many treatments you need, how much surface area you are working on, and the type of laser that is used during the process.

Now that you have a better idea of how much scar removal treatments cost, you can consider which one might be right for you. It might take some time to save for these treatments as they are not covered by most insurance companies, but in the end, you will be able to potentially find relief from these unsightly scars that you have wanted to remove most of your life.


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