Mederma Scar Gel Review


Each scar has a story. And though there might be a fascinating one behind the scar that led you to read this review, it’s safe to say you may prefer not to have it.

This leads us to Mederma Scar Gel. This one’s slightly different than the other scar removal creams I’ve reviewed here, as it’s available for purchase in many drug stores. The exclusivity is gone, admittedly, but it’s easier to buy. There’s some SPF protection in Mederma Scar Gel too.

I like Mederma Scar Gel, but not enough to recommend it, simply because I didn’t see enough scar reduction while using it. And use it I did – with months of application, used as directed. Mederma caused itching as well, which was a contributing factor to why I eventually just stopped using it.

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Introducing Mederma Scar Gel

From the Mederma line, the company says that Mederma Scar Gel is the most recommended scar removal product by physicians across the nation; it’s a single tube with SPF protection that you apply three to four times a day.

The SPF protection is nice, as some skin care ingredients can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.

On the positive side, Mederma actually lists the ingredients in its formula on the company website (thank you!). The downside? There’s nothing exceptional in Mederma Scar Gel to get rid of scarring – no sexy patents or what Skinception calls ‘scar-fade’ technology. In turn, the results are mediocre.

Who Makes It

Mederma is a large skin care company with products for stretch marks and scars. They’re widely available at pharmacies across the nation, which probably explains why Mederma Scar Gel is the scar removal cream most recommended by doctors.

The company does have a good reputation and guarantees their products for 56 days.

The Good

Some reduction of scarring. That’s some, which is better than none at all.

Mederma cites clinical studies that show “significant improvement” in the appearance of scarring with its formula. They don’t attach the study, so it’s hard to verify the methodology, but if this is true, it’s a good selling point.

You can sometimes snatch it up for just $21 too, making it fairly affordable. And that SPF protection is a nice-to-have.

The Bad

Not much in the way of scar reduction with Mederma Scar Gel. By that definition, it doesn’t meet the basic criteria of an effective scar removal cream.

The formula. There’s not much in Mederma Scar Gel to make it stand out from a top-rated scar removal cream, like Dermefface. Yes, there’s Cepalin, which is a proprietary botanical extract, but little else. Weak ingredients, weak results. That’s generally how it goes.

That itching – ouch! Apparently this is not uncommon with Mederma Scar Gel. A pain in the butt when you invest time and money to reduce the scar that’s bothering you. Consumers with sensitive skin take note.


Scar removal cream number three. While not a complete failure, Mederma Scar Gel didn’t produce visible results to my liking to make it worth the itching and time I put into it. Granted, these are just my experiences – it’s not impossible that it will produce better results for you.


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