How to Look for the Best Scar Cream for Piercings


There are multiple ways a person can get scarred. Although not all wounds end up scarring, it is one of the leading causes for the appearance of scars. One can end up wounded because of an injury, an accident, or by choice.

By choice because your skin considers getting a tattoo, or having a certain body part pierced the same as getting wounded. If you have tried donning piercings when you were younger, then you might have experienced some moments of regret over the years.

Even though you might have loved it at first, you may slowly start staring at the hole in your belly button with regret. Regardless of how much you want to, you cannot easily remove it. This is the reason why you may end up searching for the right way to treat piercing scars. You may even be looking for the best scar cream for piercings, since they are so affordable and available in today’s marketplace. Other products include oils, lotions and patches.

You can try each of these methods, but you will most likely need to wait several months before you can see any results. Thus, more people usually settle on using scar removal creams for piercings. Some people would say it would be fruitless, since it will not work out. In some ways, it is true. This is because there are some piercing scars that will not completely close or fade. An example of this is ear piercing.

However, rest assured it is still possible to treat other piercings, especially if it is a recent one. All you have to do is follow the instructions and use the best scar cream for piercings in order to get the results you want.

Closing A Piercing Hole

scar creamBefore searching for the best scar cream for piercings, it is important for you to close the piercing hole first.

If the piercing is new, then make sure you let the wound heal first before removing the rings or the jewelry you have. This is to ensure the wound will not get infected. Only remove your studs when the wound has completely healed.

In order to ensure the hole of the piercing will close, make sure you wash it with soap and water every day.

Additionally, prevent soap scum from accumulating in the hole, since it will only prevent the wound from completely closing. Remove as much ooze or scum as you can by pressing on the hole gently. Do this every day until the hole closes. Take note that you might need to do this for a couple of months.

Choosing The Best Scar Cream For Piercings

If you notice your piercing has healed up, then it is time for you to search for a scar cream to use on it. You do not have to worry about this since there are several effective brands out there in the market. The only challenge left for you is to determine which one will suit you. Hence, taking note of these factors can help.

The first thing you need to look for in a scar removal cream is its ingredients. It is important to do this since this will give you an idea whether the product you are about to buy is effective or not. Hence, take some time to read the label. Most dermatologists would suggest their patients to choose a scar removal cream that contains silicone since it has been proven to be effective in treating all types of scars.

doctorAside from the ingredients, check the brand name, as well. This is important so you will have an idea whether it is reliable or not. In fact, you should also check the manufacturer of the product while you are at it.

Consider asking your doctor to recommend a scar cream from a company with a good reputation. Check reviews and customer feedback, tool If they are known for providing quality products, then you can be confident of your choice.

Once you have chosen the best scar cream for piercings, you need to ensure you use it accordingly. Always follow the instructions, so you will get the results as promised. You need to be patient when using scar removal creams since they usually take a couple of months before it can take effect.

Other Methods For Healing A Piercing Scar

If you do not want to wait, then you can also try the laser revision treatment. It is more on the costly side, but it will be worth it. However, there are chances it might not work and you need to go through the procedure again.

Another effective procedure is cryosurgery. It will freeze the scar and will ensure the layers will become intact again in order to close wound and eliminate the scar. There are some side effects of undergoing through this procedure though such as hypopigmentation.

doctorThe surgical scar revision is another procedure which can effectively work for piercings. However, it requires surgery and might cost you more compared to the other treatments available. Ask your doctor and then choose carefully among these options, so you will not regret your decision in the end.


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