I Am Looking For A Competent Scar Removal Clinic In Albuquerque Nm


I need to find a clinic that does scar removal in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A few years ago, I got in a car accident and it left me with a fine spray of scars across my face. They are not all that noticeable in many different lights, but under the harsh glare of the New Mexico summer, they can definitely be seen.

Not to mention, when the rest of my skin becomes 10 from the hot desert sun, the scars stayed quite ‘ making them even more noticeable and making me even more uncomfortable.

I have heard that laser procedures can be extremely effective for scar removal, and I would like to find a clinic that specializes in doing the laser scar removal techniques. I really am not interested in having surgery ‘ that is off the table. Additionally, I have heard that creams are not as effective as other, more invasive procedures ‘ so I have decided that I am going to commit to one of the more invasive procedures in the interest of getting a higher level of effectiveness from that use of my time and money.

When I started looking for a scar removal clinic in my local area of Albuquerque, the very first thing that I did was open up the phone book. However, I was not quite sure what category to look under. I did not have a lot of luck trying to find what I was looking for when using the paper phonebook. I have to say, I think that physical phonebooks are an idea whose time has come and gone. It is so much easier to simply go online.

onliine searchIn fact, that is precisely what I did. I picked up my phone and utilized the Internet function to search for scar removal clinics here in Albuquerque that would be skilled at doing what I needed to have done. One of the things that I was most concerned about is that any scar removal clinic that I went to would be very cognizant of the fact that the scars on my face and proceed accordingly.

Under no circumstances do I want or intend to do anything that further damages my appearance. That is absolutely not going to happen. Therefore, I wanted to find a scar removal clinic that understood the ins and outs of working with fragile facial tissue. The truth is, I was probably just scared of my life-changing and scared of the emotions that I was going through as a result of knowing that I would be going in for the procedure sooner rather than later.

Now, I have managed to narrow down my choices to three strong candidates for scar removal clinics to go to and take care of the scarring problem that mars the side of my face. While I am slightly nervous about the procedure, I am also equally proud of myself for doing all of this research on my own, calling on my own, and making the appointment entirely on my own.

Maybe I have been a bit too sheltered in the past several years, but I really did feel a sense of accomplishment for the fact that I had taken initiative and solves this problem ‘ the part of it that only had to do with me, at any rate ‘ completely on my own.

laser scar removalOn Monday, I will go in and see the doctor, I made an initial consultation appointment. Hopefully, they will be able to show me plenty of encouraging pictures that illustrate the before-and-after of their typical clients.

I am feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, and I feel like seeing a lot of triumphant before-and-after photos would set my mind at ease that the procedure was completely safe and that hundreds of people had been through it before me with no ill effects. In fact, on the contrary, they were extremely happy with the way that they look now that they had gone through the procedure.

Still, for better or worse, my initial consultation is on Monday and we will see how it progresses from there. Hopefully, in several months, I will not have any visible scars whatsoever.


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