18 Things You are Doing That Will Make Your Acne Scars Worse


Nobody enjoys having acne. This troublesome condition usually occurs in teenage years, but it can continue into later life as well. Pus-filled spots are unsightly and painful, and they can also leave scars that may taint your skin forever, and ruin your life.

Unfortunately, many people have some poor habits that aren’t helping those acne scars to fade away. In fact, some of the things you might do each day could actually be making your scars worse. Let’s look at a list of the actions you are doing to make your acne worse. You will want to avoid such actions if you want to have beautiful and clear skin.

Makeup brushes1. You Use Unhygienic Makeup Gear

Everything that comes into contact with your skin has a risk of harming it. This includes your makeup gear. Makeup brushes and other equipment meant for your face can still get dirty and cause infections. It is therefore significant to remember to clean your makeup tools often.

Experts recommend that you should clean your makeup tools weekly, but doing it more often won’t hurt. If you don’t clean your makeup gear, you will basically be applying dirt and bacteria to your face each morning, which definitely isn’t a smart thing to do to your skin.

2. You Snooze With Your Makeup On

This is an unpleasant habit and too many women are doing it every night. Sleeping with your makeup on is absolutely awful for your skin. Makeup clogs your pores, preventing them from breathing and leading to bacterial buildups. This causes infection and inflammation, which appears on the skin as spots.

It might be a hassle to take the time to remove your makeup each night, but it is worth it. If you want to have impeccable-looking skin, you need to treat it with plenty of care and respect.

3 .You Have Grimy Pillowcases and Towels

towelsWe have already mentioned the various items that come into contact with your skin. Well, towels and pillowcases are two of the biggest items in this category. Every time you go to sleep, your face is in contact with the pillowcase for several hours. Then, when you wake up and take a shower, your face comes into contact with a towel.

Just like other items, bacteria and dirt can build up on these things as well. Your skin accumulates this dirt when you use towel and pillowcases. Therefore, it is vital to change your towels and pillowcases often, at least once per week.

4. You Touch Your Face Repeatedly

This is a top tip for people who want to stay spot-free. Your hands come into contact with lots of dirty objects in the average day, especially when you are in public places. If you touch your skin, all the dirt and bacteria on your fingers will enter your pores and cause acne breakouts. In addition, your nails can cause microscopic cuts on the face which can easily get infected and caused even more spots to appear.

5. You Love to Stay in the Sun

having a tanWe all like having a tan, but the sun’s rays actually are not beneficial for your skin. In fact, too much sun can boost the activity levels of the skin’s oil glands, leading to greasy skin and acne breakouts. It is safe to spend some time in the sun with plenty of sunscreen, but don’t go out without protection for hours on end.

6. You Wash Your Face Too Often

Washing too often will lead to dry skin. In our obsession with having clean and beautiful skin, some of us actually overdo it. If you wash your face too often, more than twice per day, you can actually dry out the skin cells. Dry skin makes your oil glands work twice as hard, leading to greasy buildups and pimples all around the face.

7. You Are Rough With Your Spots

burst that spotYou should stop being so rough with your spots. We have all been there. You have one nasty spot in a terrible place, maybe on the end of your nose or your chin. You need to leave the house for a work meeting or a hot date, so you decide to burst that spot. However, while it might be nice in the short-term to pop your pimples, this is actually a dangerous process that will often lead to the development of even more spots.

If you squeeze and smash your pimples without the proper care and attention, you will damage your skin and cause additional infections. To pop your pimples properly, use a sterilized needle to pierce the spot, and then allow it to drain. Add an antiseptic ointment afterwards to prevent infection.

8. You Take the Wrong Medications

Unfortunately, some medications come with horrible side effects for the skin. People with terrible acne are usually so desperate that they buy all of the creams and ointments available and rub them all over their faces. However, everyone’s skin is different and reacts in unique ways. You can’t be sure that even the most expensive creams will help to clear up your acne. In fact, your skin might react badly and cause even more breakouts.

creamsA lot of the creams out there that claim to be effective for acne treatment usually contain harmful chemicals. These creams might work on some patients, but the skin of some may react badly and worsen the problem. You might also be allergic to a certain ingredient, so your acne won’t be clear until you stop using these medications. It is therefore extremely significant to choose the right products to apply to your skin.

One safe and natural skin cream we can recommend is the treatment cream available from www.Illuminatural6i.com. This cream is quite effective and filled with natural ingredients, rather than dangerous chemicals. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about any side effects or bad reactions. However, it is always wise to consult a doctor before you start using any new product as you may have an unknown allergy or react in a strange way.

9. You Exfoliate Your Skin Too Much

Photo by Caitlin Regan / CC BY

We have talked about washing too much, but you might also be exfoliating too aggressively, as well. Exfoliation is the process in which you remove the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing the fresh new cells to rise to the surface. When performed correctly, this process gives your skin a smooth feel and glowing appearance.

Exfoliation is essential, but you need to do it properly. If you scrub too hard and use damaging products, your skin will dry out and suffer miniscule cuts that can develop into disgusting pimples.

In fact, what you should be doing is to be gentle. You always need to treat your skin with care. Even when using an exfoliation lotion, you should apply it carefully and massage the product onto your face delicately. The lotion itself will do the work for you, so you don’t need to roughly scrub at your face.

moisturize10. You Skip the Moisturizer

No matter what type of skin you have, you should never forget to moisturize. This is especially true after using an exfoliating product. After exfoliation, your skin can easily dry out so you need to replenish the moisture levels and plump up your cells with a good moisturizing cream.

We would recommend the use of oil-free lotions as these are gentler on the skin and pose fewer risks. Also, be sure to moisturize after spending some time in the sun.

11. You Are Impatient With Your Skin Regimen

Too many of us try new products and creams, but don’t give them enough time to start working. We all expect to find a miracle lotion or potion that will make us beautiful overnight. Unfortunately, this sort of thing just doesn’t exist yet.

You need to give products the time they need to start working. Your skin has to adapt to the changes and these processes can’t happen immediately. You might have found a perfect cream for your acne, but you may give up on it just before it was about to start working.

If you want to have gorgeous skin, patience is the ultimate virtue. You need to develop a skin regime, choose the products you are going to use with care and attention, make the lifestyle changes you need to stay healthy, and then stick with this plan for a long period of time. You can’t give up as it may waste all your hard work.

Stop wasting your money and throwing away creams and lotions that could save your pores. Whenever you try a new skin regime, wait at least six to eight weeks before deciding whether or not to continue. If you haven’t seen any changes by this time, or if things have gotten worse, then you can safely give up and try something new.

12. You Like Your Boyfriend’s Stubble

grizzly beardBeards are pretty popular nowadays and plenty of girls like the hairy look. Unfortunately, your boyfriend’s stubble or grizzly beard might look sexy, but it isn’t sexy for your skin. Every time you kiss or get close to his face, those hairs will cause lots of tiny scratches and abrasions on your skin, allowing bacteria to infect your face and cause spots.

Many women can also struggle with inflamed areas because of the scratching sensation caused by their partner’s beards. It might be hard, but you should think about asking him to shave. If not, he could try using a softening oil on his beard to make his facial hair a little bit softer, for your sake.

13. You Have a Dirty Phone Screen

Here is another item that comes into contact with your face every single day. Cell phones are useful and practical, but we carry them everywhere with us. We balance them on tables, we put them in our pockets, and we even drop them on the floor sometimes.

All of these things cause plenty of bacteria and grime to build up on your phone, making it a real hotbed for bacteria. If you put this thing on your face, you shouldn’t be surprised when you start getting spots.

Start cleaning your phone before it touches your face. Obviously, not all phones are waterproof, so you can use a microfiber cloth to clean your phone regularly.

14. You Use Hair Products That Can Infect Your Skin

Just like skin products, hair products can do plenty of damage to your face. Don’t be afraid to switch hair products. Lots of shampoos and lotions contain acids, sulfates, silicones and other dangerous chemicals that can clog your skin pores and cause acne breakouts.

Don’t be afraid to switch to more natural products that contain lots of plant extracts and natural ingredients.

15. You Consume Spicy Foods

Spicy FoodsYour diet is one of the big things that could be causing acne to appear, especially if you eat a lot of spicy foods. Tomatoes and peppers are tasty and healthy, but they also contain acids which can cause dreadful reactions in certain people.

Some of us just can’t deal with spicy foods and our skin reacts with spot breakouts. The same can be true of dairy products, breads, and various other types of food. There might be one element of your diet that your body just doesn’t like, so you need to identify this and remove it from your life. Try cutting certain things from your diet and monitoring your skin to observe any changes.

16. Your Lifestyle Choices Are Detrimental

You may not believe it, but bad lifestyle choices can ruin your look. Acne, like a lot of bodily conditions, may have several causes. It might be caused by drug use, too much fat in your diet, excess stress in your life, smoking, alcohol consumption, or something else altogether.
Remember that your body is extremely delicate and can react badly to certain things. Try to improve your lifestyle and your body will follow.

17. You Smoke

SmokingIt is extremely necessary to quit cigarettes to have glowing and clear skin. Smoking is a major cause of acne, along with plenty of other skin conditions and diseases throughout the body. Put simply, cigarettes aren’t good for you.

Smoking actually causes skin cells to dry out. When this happens, your oil glands respond by working harder and this excess oil makes spots appear. It is hard to quit smoking, but you will never look your best until you do.

18. You Stress Too Much

Another big cause of acne development is stress. When you feel anxious, your body responds with the production of certain hormones. These hormones can trigger excess oil production on the skin, which clogs up pores and causes pimples to appear. To de-stress yourself, try taking up a new hobby or set aside 15 minutes to relax and meditate each day.

stressIt can be quite tempting to use lotions and potions in an attempt to cure acne, but this problem won’t go away unless you make some big changes. Applying chemical-laden products to your face can cause all sorts of additional problems, so it makes much more sense to try natural remedies.

It will take some time and patience, but you will start looking much better if you follow the advice listed above. Cut out your bad skin habits and start treating yourself with more care and attention. With a bit of effort, you will be looking your best in no time.


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