How A Scar Removal Works – 3 Examples


The ability to remove scars has been something available for hundreds of years, if not longer. Modern science has made it possible for this type of procedure to be much faster, however there are natural remedies that can still be used to get great results.

The main concern that people have when usi ng modern treatments is how much pain will it actually cause.  This is because treatments like dermabrasion and laser treatments will quickly and effectively burn the skin off the top layer, which can cause either a minimal or a significant amount of discomfort.

In our modern age, it’s all about speed, and that’s why these two treatments are so popular. But if you would like you something that is not as effective, in terms of how long it takes, you can always go with a natural or topical remedy.

Hydroquinone For Scars

If you do have scars in unsightly places, one of the easiest ways to get rid of them is using hydroquinone. It is a substance that actually limits the amount of melanin that is produced by melanocytes in the skin, helping to cause scar tissue to lighten.

This can be used for a multitude of issues that you may have such as reducing the appearance of freckles, dealing with age spots that you may have, or damage to the skin that has been caused by the sun. Because it affects the melanin, not the skin itself, there is little discomfort if any and is truly one of the most effective ways to deal with any type of scar.

Laser Treatments

Laser TreatmentTo get fast results, actually removing the tissue that has been damaged and is darker than the rest of the surrounding skin, laser treatments are recommended, specifically CO2 and Er:YAG lasers which are able to target the darker skin and have it removed.

They operate at a specific wavelength that is able to target those scar tissue itself, leaving the rest of the lighter tissue alone. Ablative lasers were once used as the primary laser for this type of procedure, but they are now primarily used for atrophic scars.

Dermabrasion Treatments

Whether you are dealing with atrophic or hypertrophic scars, or trying to diminish darker scars that you have right now, dermabrasion is one of the best treatments for all of these scars, and is often recommended by dermatologists, especially to people that have acne scars on their face.

It works by removing the upper layer of skin, that which has the darker color caused by excessive amounts of melanin built up during the healing process. If you are able to use this, you can an address virtually any type of scar that you may want to get rid of, whether it is raised, recessed, or simply visible because it is so dark.

Alternative Treatments

Lemon JuiceAlthough the 3 treatments listed above will definitely help you get rid of scars that you have had for quite some time, you may opt for something that is a little less assertive, a treatment that will take several months where you can see results, but is much safer and less painful.

The first natural ingredient that you can use is lemon juice which has natural acids that can work on removing the upper layer of skin. The second is Oliveira, though this is typically used when a person is an initially injured, ensuring that the healing process will have the best results.

The final natural treatment that you can try out is coconut oil, a type of oil that is also beneficial for healing. It also has a unique property in that it can help reduce the appearance of scars, even if they are several years old, a remedy that people use all of the time.

Vitamins That Can Help Scars

Vitamin CThere are also two vitamins that you should take which can help effectively lighten your skin, and as a byproduct, potentially lighten your scars.

One is vitamin C and the other is vitamin A, both of which have unique properties. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, so you should actually be taking this of you are doing any type of dermabrasion or laser treatment.

It will help with the healing process, as well as with lightning up your skin, giving you a double benefit. Vitamin A is a vitamin that is also helpful for the skin, and is a vitamin from which products like Retin-A are developed. Regardless of what treatment option you choose to use, these are simply good supplements to take to help with scars and the healing process.

With all of these examples, you should have some idea of which one you would like to use. If you would like to have immediate results, laser treatments and dermabrasion are always going to be at the top of your list. If you would like something natural, then lemon juice and aloe, along with coconut oil, might be the best long-term treatment for reducing the appearance of scars that you have on your body.


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