How To Get Rid Of Scars After A Tummy Tuck


One of the best ways to get a truly flat tummy is to have a tummy tuck. Diet and exercise can help, but often you find that the little pouch of fat remains no matter how many sit ups or Pilates workouts you do.

If you really want to get rid of that little flap, you need surgical intervention. A tummy tuck will give you a completely flat stomach, but unfortunately it will also leave a scar. Read on to learn more about getting rid of your scars after a tummy tuck.

Having a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure and as such, it will leave a scar. The surgeon has to cut through layers of your skin to remove the excess fat on your stomach. During the surgery the surgeon will remove fat, tighten your skin, and tighten your abdominal muscles.

This is why the results are so amazing. The surgeon will make an incision at your bikini line and remove any loose skin. Then the doctor will tighten the muscles so it looks flat. The procedure usually takes up to five hours.

Though the procedure is relatively safe, it is still surgery and there are some risks associated with it. After the surgery you will experience some pain and swelling for several days. In extreme cases you may get an infection or begin to bleed at the surgical site. You may also develop blood clots.

Once the surgery is over, you will have a flat tummy, but you will also have a scar that you have to deal with. There is no way to avoid the scar, but you can do some things to help minimize it. You can hide the scar with underwear and they tend to fade somewhat with time, but they will never go away without some intervention.

surgeryThe first way you can rid of your tummy tuck scar is through surgery. Surgical scar revision is useful for wide scars and long scars. The surgery can be combined with dermabrasion or laser therapy.

Punch grafts can also help remove scars from tummy tucks. Your surgeon will remove an area of skin where the scar is and replace it with normal skin.

Less invasive methods include laser treatments. Laser treatments use special lasers to remove and reduce your scars. Usually, multiple treatments are necessary to improve your skin. If your scars are not that severe, you can use scar removal creams or silicone sheets to reduce the appearance of your scars.

scar creamScar removal creams contain special ingredients that help flatten and soften your scars. Your scars will appear to blend in better with your skin.

Some creams speed the healing process and prompt your skin to produce more collagen. Silicone sheets will also help to flatten out your scar.

The downside with scar creams and sheets is that they take up to 8 weeks to work, so you need to be patient if you use them. After your surgery, you can also try compression garments.

These are designed for tummy tucks and they will help increase the blood circulation around your wound. The garments also reduce swelling and reduce the pressure on your wound. Pressure tape can also be used on your wound to help reduce scar formation.

Having a tummy tuck will make your belly flat, but you have to be prepared for the scars after the surgery. Be sure you have a plan in place before your surgery to deal with the scars. With some advance preparation, you can have a flat belly with less visible scars.


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