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It is unfortunate when people have scars on their skin, ones that make for embarrassing situations or cause them to have low self-esteem. Depending upon where the scar is, how large it is, and how deep, the type of treatment options that are available for removing it, or at least making it look better, can be very limited.

In most cases, scars are very dark, as a result of increased amounts of melanin production by melanocytes that are responsible for producing the pigmentation that we all have in our skin. For those that are African-American, when scars occur, they can sometimes be light in color.

When this happens, they will become very noticeable due to the darker pigmentation of black people, which means different treatment options must be used to handle these types of scars. If you are an African-American with unsightly scars that you would like to remove, here is what you need to do in order to diminish their overall unsightly appearance.

Scars 101

scars 101Understanding how scars form is really the basis for realizing what needs to be done to get rid of them. An example of this would be falling down, and having the skin heal, and when it does it will grow in a lateral fashion.

When skin naturally grows, there is a type of basket weaving formation that makes it appear as it does when it is healthy and unscathed.

When scars appear, it’s because the melanocytes are either producing too much, or too little melanin, and the skin will have a shiny appearance as a result of not having the basket weave formation.

Since the collagen scar tissue is of lesser quality, not as evenly randomized as regular skin, there are only certain things you can do to resolve scarring issues, some of which have to do with topical treatments, whereas others require some form of high-tech medical surgery or procedure.

Different Types Of Scars

The first type of scar that is most common with people, whether they have fallen down, or they have had acne, are scars that have higher amounts of melanin, making them darker, yet they are flush with the rest of the skin. Deeper wounds, especially those caused by gouging the skin, or even those individuals that have suffered with cystic acne, can have atrophic scars, those that are indented into the skin itself, which will require either injections of collagen or some type of surgery.

keloid scarsKeloid scars are the next eye which is nothing more than too much collagen used as the skin regrowth, causing the area to be much higher.

With all of the scars, it’s always good to talk with a professional dermatologist that can give you all of the possible options to ensure that you will be able to reduce the appearance of the scars that are bothering me the most.

Scar Treatments For African-Americans

Dealing with atrophic or hypertrophic scars is almost always going to require some form of surgery or medical procedure. For atrophic scars, in order to reduce their appearance, dermabrasion, chemical peels, and even punch out excisions are used to reduce the appearance of the literal holes that are in your skin.

Hypertrophic scars can also be dealt with in a similar way, specifically with micro dermabrasion to lessen the amount of extra collagen at the surface level. However, if you are black, and you have a light colored scar that is standing out, there are only a few treatment options that are available.

Three Treatments That Work

Scar creams The first treatment is going to be a topical cream that can be used on the scar itself. It is lighter in color, or darker in color, the cream will be able to affect melanin production in the scar tissue.

The second treatment option is laser light, or ultraviolet light, that is targeted to the specific area. For lighter scars, UV light treatments can actually stimulate melanocytes to produce melanin once again, a common treatment used by those that have vitiligo.

Finally, lasers are used in many high-end medical treatments, and in regard to scars this is true as well. For dark scars, the lasers can act almost like a micro dermabrasion treatment where the top layer of skin is burned off, and when it grows back, it will be theoretically lighter in color. For lighter scars, in the same way that UV light treatments for vitiligo can help, there are lasers that can do the same.

In regard to scar creams that can reduce their appearance for African Americans, mederma can be used to lessen the amount of melanin production, as well as hydroquinone, both of which can help lighten scars helping to eliminate their visible appearance on your skin regardless of the amount of melanin in your skin.


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