Find Out Can I Use Scar Cream On Stretch Marks Or Not?


Women like to feel and look good whenever they can. Although for some, putting on makeup can be a chore, once it is completed their self esteem increases. So, it is no wonder that for those who have stretch marks, it can affect them in a number of ways.

For some, stretch marks can cause depression, and although that is usually the worst case scenario, it does change the way women think of themselves in the majority of cases. Although stretch marks are perfectly safe, for many they are an unsightly annoyance.

So, what is the cause of stretch marks? There are actually a number of things which can result in these unsightly lines that appear on the body. Although they can appear in both sexes, it is mainly women they occur on. When they do appear on men, they tend not to worry about them.

pregnancyThe cause which is top of the list for women is pregnancy. When the baby starts to grow, it will push out the stomach area.

This in turn, then stretches the skin, and for some can result in stretch marks. Not everyone will get these marks, but most women do to a certain extent.

What is the reason for these marks? When you pull a piece of skin under your arm, you will see that it stretches. The skin is classed as the largest organ in the body, and for humans to be able to bend their joints, this organ needs to be extremely flexible.

If it was always taught, we would be stiff all the time, and find it difficult to breath. Evolution has made sure that does not happen, and our skin is not only very elasticated, it also heals quickly. Whenever you get a cut, the skin will return to normal within a week.

However, this elasticity only extends to a point. Think of a rubber band, you can only pull it so far before it breaks. Blow up a balloon, but keep going. Eventually it will reach the limit that it can stretch and burst. Although the human skin does not burst or break, it is the function of the body that prevents that from happening that creates the stretch marks.

pregnancyThe skin can only stretch so far, and then new skin cells need to be produced. If the skin is expanding rapidly, due to sudden weight gain or pregnancy, then the body will use scar cells in order to prevent tearing.

It is these scar cells, which show up as the white lines that are the stretch marks. The reason for this is that scar cells join to form scar tissue, and this is always lighter than normal skin cells.

This is due to lower amounts of melanin in each cell, which is what gives skin cells there color. In fact scar cells are are a basic version of a normal skin cell, but the body can produce them much faster.

Now you know what stretch marks are, and how they form, what can you do about them? Can I use scar cream on stretch marks, is a common question by many people? The answer is a simple yes to this question. As you can see from the information above, a stretch mark is actually scar tissue, and so using scar cream can help. However, as with all creams and lotions, what works for one person, may not work for someone else. This is due to the number of different skin types and colors.

Is it possible to prevent stretch marks from appearing in the first place? Well, for people having a rapid weight gain due to eating too much food and not exercising enough, the simple answer is to eat less, and exercise more.

For those who are pregnant, there are a couple of things that can be done to lower the risk of getting stretch marks. By applying moisturizer and a scar cream on the stomach and thigh area from the second trimester, it has been shown to limit the marks. By being pro-active, you are giving your body the best chance of avoiding unsightly stretch marks.


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