How to Find the Best Keloid Scar Treatment Cream for You


Scars are often embarrassing to have, especially when they are positioned prominently on your body. They can easily distract people whenever you talk with them. And even if it doesn’t, those with scars often worry that they will.

Scars affect self-confidence in a negative way. This is the reason why people opt for scar removal products. The normal treatments will not work in some scars, like stubborn keloid scars.

Keloid scars are often mistaken for hypertrophic scars. This can be attributed to the fact they look similar. Both are thickened and reddish in color. However, what keloid scars do that hypertrophic scars do not do is they can spread beyond the wound. In fact, there are instances wherein the scar migrates and spreads to the surrounding areas.

Causes Of Keloid Scars

People who have a keloid scars are usually those who have experienced burns. It is also possible to get it after an injury or an inflammation. This means even your acne scars on your chest can turn into keloid scars when inflamed. Other causes of keloid scars include surgery and piercings.

However, the origin of the wound is not the only factor that affects the occurrence of keloid scars. Other factors, like your gender and skin color, can also cause them. For instance, studies have shown women are more susceptible to keloid scars than men are. Just keep in mind, it is not about genetics, but more due to the fact that women are more inclined to get their ears and bodies pierced, compared to men.

keloid scars There is also a chance where keloid scars can run in the family. People who have darker skin are also at greater risk in developing these scars. With all these, it only makes sense why many people are wondering about the effective ways in treating keloid scars.

How To Find The Best Keloid Scar Treatment Cream

The majority of scar removal creams in the past were ineffective in eliminating keloid scars. This is the reason why people suffering from keloid scars chose to undergo scar removal surgery.

They are left with no other choice. Yes, surgery is effective and fast in eliminating keloid scars, but it is also expensive. Furthermore, one needs to undergo the treatment several times before the scars will completely fade. Whichever way you are going look to look at it, it will probably cost you a fortune.

Thus, it is good to hear that there are now specialized keloid scar removal creams. With this, you will no longer have to worry about putting a huge dent in your savings, since scar removal creams tend to be less expensive, compared to the surgical treatments. The question now is, which one is the best keloid scar treatment cream?

There are several brands you can choose from because there are now a lot of manufacturers producing them. However, only one of these brands stands out the most. The best keloid scar treatment cream available in the market is called AcuScar.

scar removal creamAcuScar is undoubtedly one of the best scar removal creams in the market today. Aside from being formulated to treat keloid scars, it can also work effectively on hypertrophic scars and raised acne scars.

With this, you will no longer have to search in order to buy another scar removal product. Another great thing about AcuScar is can also treat old and new scars alike.

Hence, rest assured your keloid scars will disappear, even though you have them for years. It also works well for every skin type, so you do not have to worry if you have sensitive skin.

Even though there are a lot of benefits for AcuScar, there is also important information you need to remember about it. First, it will still take a couple of months, around two to three months, before you can notice the results you want. In addition, the cost of this particular scar removal cream is higher than the other brands in the market nowadays. This is only expected though. This is because it is a specialized product and made of ingredients that are more potent.

If using the AcuScar does not suit you, since it takes too much time and dedication, then try out the easier ways of treating keloid scars. This is through the different scar removal treatments available, such as surgery and laser treatments. Radiation and interferon are the other methods growing in popularity, as well.

Laser keloid scar removal is the most preferred option among these. They can effectively reduce the redness of your keloid scars and flatten them out at the same time. You need to take several trips to your dermatologist before the scars completely fade, but it is one of the best procedures out there.

costJust make sure you have enough cash for all sessions, since this can cost you a lot. Some dermatological practices offer affordable payment plans, as well.

If your keloids are severe, your health insurance may help cover the costs, depending on your particular plan. Either way, it can’t hurt to ask them if they cover keloid scar treatments.

Another option is injection therapy. The doctor uses interferon, a protein naturally produced by the body. It is responsible in fighting off bacteria and viruses.

However, what people do not know is it can also effectively treat keloid scars. It is possible through injecting this protein to the body. It is safe, simple, and proven to be effective. Now it is up to you which method to choose. Will it be the best keloid scar treatment cream or the other procedures available today? You can also consult your doctor for some helpful advice, as well.


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