Fifteen Celebrities With Scars And How They Conceal Them


There is often a feeling surrounding celebrities when it comes to their looks and skin. They are often perceived as being ‘more than human’ and having perfect genetics, but this is not the case at all.

It is silly to assume they don’t have to deal with scars and don’t have to find ways to cover things up before they are brought to everyone’s attention.

The media can be ruthless and it becomes vital for these celebrities to cover up as soon as they can. A lot of celebrities have had to do this.

Let’s take a glance at fifteen big celebrities who have had scars on their skin and had to do something in order to cover themselves up before people started noticing or worse it started to impact their careers. After all, they are dependent upon their looks more than other people are.

Kelly Cuoco

Kaley CuocoHorseback riding is what took cuoco when she was younger. She was riding a horse when she fell off. It had an impact on her leg and she was left with a rather large scar. it is a scar that she covers up with two approaches.

One of the approaches she uses is to cover it up with longer pants. The second approach is to have special creams used on the area to ensure it remains faded into the skin. This lets her do what she does best while making sure the scar does not get in the way of what she is trying to accomplish as a celebrity.

Jonah Hill

The next celebrity on this list is a rather big and popular name in Hollywood. He has been around for a long time and the scar he has on his body comes in the form of an arm scar. How did he end up getting it? The scar came about when he was younger and battling with his mother’s cancer diagnosis. It came from a car accident that he was in when he was being rebellious.

The Scar Is Not Hidden Unless He Has To Cover It Up With Clothes. He Uses It As Motivation

Tina Fey

Tina FeyWhen she was five years of age, she was attacked by a man who looked to slash her throat as he came at her. This led to the scar becoming present on her skin. She has not let it get in the way of her career and has gone onto become quite the comedian.

The scar is generally covered with the help of make up as she is able to use it to blend the scar into the skin. This does a wonderful job of ensuring it does look the way she wants it to look.

Harrison Ford

This famous celebrity has been around for a while and is appreciated by one and all. His scar is also famous as it is located around his chin. How did he end up getting it on his skin? It came from a car accident he was in.

He was driving along and hit a telephone pole, which caused him to receive the scar. how is it concealed? He prefers not to use make up to cover it up and is often seen having it added to the script as a part of his character so audiences can related with how he looks. It lets him get into character.

Inigo Montoya

Inigo MontoyaThe scar is on his left cheek and is quite noticeable when you zoom in on it. The scar has been there since he was eleven years of age and saw his father die. The sword fight he had afterwards with the perpetrator led to the scar on his face.

Make up was the solution used to conceal the scar when he was working. The scar was given to him as a sign to show he was spared and that he could have also lost his life like his father did at a young age.


This Nigerian singer is quite popular and has been well renowned for his scar. It is around his cheek and came about due to a tribal ceremony that ‘marked’ him when he was younger.At least, this is what the rumors had to say, but was this true? No, it was not true. The scar came about because he had Discoid Lupus Erythematosus. This is a skin disease which impacts the quality of your skin and the scars are because of that.

He Has Used Creams To Treat The Actual Skin Disease And To Hide The Scars

Tommy Flannagan

Tommy FlanaganThe star from Braveheart has been around the industry for a long time and is renowned for the scar on his face. It was due to one of his attackers slashing him in the face as he was coming out of a bar.

He has tried a number of things to cover the scar. The solution that he often is seen using would be make up and other creams just like most celebrities.

The goal is to make sure it gets covered up as much as possible because that is the best solution in his eyes moving forward.

Joaquin Phoenix

The scar Joaquin Phoenix has might be the most famous of them all. He has not done a lot to conceal it as he seems to appreciate what it has to offer. In fact, it did a lot for him during his time in Gladiator.

It is right above his lip and most people recognize him because of the scar around his lip. It has come about from surgery that was done to fix a cleft palate. When doing movies, creams and make up are used to make sure they remain concealed during times where the film does not require the scar to be present.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

The man behind ‘Pop Art’ is an icon in the world of art, but is also renowned for the scar on his chest and abdomen area from being shot. He was shot at because he refused a script from someone who came to meet him earlier in the day.

This scar is quite significant and he has had surgeons work on it to make sure it looks better than it is. He has tried different options to make sure it remains as concealed as possible.

At This Point, He Feels Lucky To Be Alive After Surgeons Had To Save Him From Dying

Sharon Stone

sharon stoneThis is one of the largest scars among celebrities and has often been on the tongues of one and all. When she was asked about how she is able to keep it from being revealed, she spoke about make up and airbrushing as the two solutions that have done the trick for her.

She has made sure to get these two things done on the scar as much as she can to ensure her career does not get impacted by the scar on her neck. The scar came about because of a childhood accident where she riding a horse.

Queen Latifah

She has a scar on her forehead and it is generally covered with the help of foundation. It is right by hairline and you would not notice it unless you were looking for it. Still, she does make sure her make up takes care of it as that is the only way to keep it at bay. She is also seen using creams on the area to ensure it does not get out of hand as that can play a role on how well she is able to portray specific characters on film.

Michael K. Williams

Michael K WilliamsThis celebrity has a scar on his face and neck from a razor blade. How did this happen? Was it because he was shaving incorrectly? Not quite, he was in a bar fight when this attack happened and it sliced him open in two locations that have now left scars on his face.

While his role in ‘The Wire’ did not require heavy make up, he was seen using it to tone things down on these scars. This let him keep the scars in order to get more out of the role, while still being able to look his best.

Parminder Nagra

The next celebrity in this list would be Parminder Nagra and she has a scar on her leg. What was the reason for this occurring? She was cooking and boiling food fell onto her leg. The burn scar remains there.

What Does She Use To Cover It Up?

She has been known to use make up in order to keep it at bay when doing certain roles. She has also applied a lot of scar creams on the area to ensure it does not take precedence over the rest of her body. It has simmered down over the years as she has had work done on it.

Padma Lakshmi

padma lakshmiThis famous celebrity has a scar on her arm. It can be seen at times when she does not cover it up. What does she do in order to make sure this scar does not take over the show when she is walking by?

She uses make up and has also been seen applying natural solutions in order to make sure the skin glows as it should in order to make the scar fade away. It has provided results for her as time has gone on.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Due to a surgical procedure when she was unable to breathe as a child, she has had a mark around her throat ever since her career began. It did not hamper her career in any way, shape or form. What did she do in order to conceal it from everyone? She made sure to use a concealer and apply make up to the area. She has also been known to use cream in order to make it feel and look better as well.

These are just a select few of the celebrities who have had to make changes over the course of their lives because people would not have appreciated their scars or how they made them appear. It is certainly difficult for people like this to continue to cover things up, but they have to do them.

Using the same solutions as what the celebrities have used, it is possible to make sure those scars are not easily seen. The scars on your body don’t have to be something that never goes away. Many people assume this and that is incorrect.


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