Discover the Best Scar Treatment for Acne at Home


Acne is a common problem among young adults and older adults alike. All over the globe, both men and women suffer from it.

Although its prevalence varies from nation to nation, it is true that whoever suffers from it goes through a physical and emotional burden. In fact, having acne reduces a person’s level of self-esteem. In addition, this distressing condition leaves unwanted scars in the end.

All About Acne

People in their 20’s up to 40’s can develop acne. Even those who are already in their 50’s still cannot escape the ordeal that this condition brings. Acne is, most of the time, caused by overproduction of oil by the glands of the skin. Bacterial growth within the follicles of the hair is also a cause. Usually, acne grows in the face, chest and back. In worst cases, it extends to the back of the neck and the upper arms.

In the United States alone, over 50 million people suffer from acne. Worldwide, more than 80 percent of people experience it. No wonder experts call it the most common skin disorder. With this prevalence, more and more brands of acne-fighting products are present in the market. They come in many brands and forms; some are organic, are some are not.

Products that Fight the Development of Acne

CreamTo fight acne, there are facial washes, facial scrubs, gels and creams that people can purchase. Beauty stores and pharmacies sell these products as OTC treatments. Meaning, consumers do not need to have a doctor’s prescription just to secure one.

Many people can attest that these products are effective. On the contrary, some people end up with a pimple breakout due to the synthetic additives that these products contain.

As mentioned earlier, acne leads to the development of scars. As such, people with this problem ask, “What is the best scar treatment for acne at home?”

Yes, there are people who would rather make their own treatment in the comfort of their homes to avoid harsh and unwanted side effects. Furthermore, you can guarantee safety and affordability if you decide on DIY acne treatments.

Scar Treatment for Acne at Home

The highlight about do-it-yourself scar treatment for acne at home is that it is easy to make and will not cost you a fortune. Just by looking at the foods you have in your kitchen, you can already bid goodbye to your acne scars.

First on the list is lemon. Do you know that lemons and other citrus juices are natural bleaching agents? Applying few drops of lemon juice directly onto your acne scars every day will make the spots lighter in no time. Moreover, the vitamin C that this fruit contains helps inrebuilding collagen. Therefore, aside from correcting the scar, you are also making your skin look anew.

Olive OilNext acne scar treatment you can try at home is olive oil. We know that olive oil is a common, yet healthy oil for cooking. However, little did we know that this is also ideal for making acne scars disappear.

Before going to bed, gently massage a small amount of olive oil on the face and other parts of the body that have acne scars. After few minutes, take a warm wet cloth and wipe off the excess oil.

Olive oil has vitamins A, C, D, E, B1 and B2. These vitamins give us healthy and glowing skin. Aside from that, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that heal acne scars effectively.

Another potent scar treatment for acne at home is honey. Honey, aside from preventing the development of acne, can also treat acne scars. Before sleeping, apply few drops of honey directly to the acne scar and leave it overnight. Just make sure to wash it off in the morning upon waking up.

What next? You can try raw tomatoes, cucumber or avocados. These three are not only delicious; they can also make you flawless if you apply them on your face on a regular basis.Prepare either of the three and cut them into pieces. After which, apply on face and leave for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse off. After a week or so, you will notice that your acne scars are gradually fading. If you want, you can also prepare a face mask out of these three ingredients.

RoseAnother homemade acne scar treatment is rose water. Although many people already have rose water in their kitchen, you can try to make your own. Boil five cups of water and add a handful of rose petals to it. After boiling, allow it to cool.

You can use the rose water you have prepared as a toner in order to get rid of unpleasant acne scars. The examples above are just some of the many homemade treatments for acne scars.

Although, there is nothing wrong about buying ready-made products in the market, there is a safer way to end your problems regarding acne scars by making your own scar treatment for acne at home. That way, you know exactly what you are applying to your delicate facial skin.


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