Dermefface FX7 Review


I love the convenience of Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Cream. Just tuck it in your purse and take it with you to work. It’s a pump-action bottle, so it won’t leak. And the formula is so potent that half to one ‘pump’ is all you need each morning and evening to watch your scars just disappear.

See, most of us have a few scars that we’d love not to have. Any wound, whether it’s something light like a scratch or something more intrusive, like a burn or surgical incision, can leave a scar. And you know what that means – a mark on your skin for the world to notice.

Fortunately, you can fade scarring with a good scar removal cream, and sometimes even prevent one when used with a light wound. The best product to help you do that is, in my opinion (and many people agree with me here), Dermefface FX7.

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Introducing Dermefface

A blend of 7 active ingredients, 10 antioxidants and 5 moisturizers, Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy is the ultimate ‘scar-fade’ technology. That’s how the company puts it, and going by the results that I’ve seen, I’d say that as well.

Now the part that I like best – it’s about the size of an iPod (one of the old ones), meaning you can put it in your cosmetics bag and keep it on you throughout the day in case you forgot to use it in the morning. Would you like a portable eraser for scars that you can use when you like to simply fade scars from your skin? That’s essentially how it works.

Who Makes It

Dermefface is one of the hottest selling Skinception products. Consumers in the know are already familiar with Skinception as an exclusive line of skin care products that blend peptides with natural ingredients for a specific purpose. They have a cream for stretch marks, a product for rosacea, a cream to get rid of eye wrinkles, among others.

None of these products are available in retail locations; you’ve got to buy them online.

The Good

Dermefface is arguably the best scar reduction cream on the market. I’ve used it and loved it because it’s convenient, easy to use and super-powerful. You’ll probably see you scarring fade in less than 4 weeks with Dermefface. And another bonus – an awesome 90 day money-back guarantee.

The Dermefface formula: it blends cutting edge topical scar reduction ingredients with powerful antioxidants and is designed to slough away scarred skin cells, and replace them with new skin from below.

Dermefface is available with discount packaging as well, and offers excellent value for what you’re getting.

I also like the bottle it comes in. How many times have you packed something in a suitcase and found that it leaked all over your clothes? That’s highly unlikely with Dermefface, as it’s a pump-action bottle.

The Bad

The biggest issue with Dermefface is that it’s not available in retail outlets. You can only buy Dermefface online (and other Skinception products for that matter). That’s annoying, but I suppose it adds to the exclusivity of the brand.


The best scar removal cream on the market. Buy a 4 to 6 month supply of Dermefface and use it as directed. The company guarantees the product for a full 90 days, but you’ll see your scar fade beginning in less than a month. Look at it again after 6 months and you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.


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