Can Scar Tissue Cause Pain After Gallbladder Removal?


It is very common for people to develop some form of scarring after they have had surgery. Depending upon the area where the incision was made, it may be a scar that others can see, or one that is actually concealed.

Sometimes scarring can be quite significant, prompting many people do look for treatments to remove the scar. Some scar creams can lighten scarring, directly affecting the pigmentation.

However, aside from cosmetic concerns related to the scars that we may have, scar tissue can actually cause pain on some people, especially if it was a significant surgical process. This article will address whether or not scar tissue can cause pain if you have had your gallbladder removed.

To understand this, we must first look at what scar tissue actually is, and the different treatments that are available that you may need to use in order to eliminate this tissue, and potentially reduce the pain you may currently be experiencing.

A Brief Overview Of Scar Tissue

People that have bad scars

Almost every person has some form of scarring on their body. Scars are very common, occurring from accidents such as falls, surgical scarring from operations that had to happen, and acne scars that are there as a result of this dermatological condition. Unfortunately, some of them can be unsightly.

People that have bad scars will look for ways to get rid of them, or at least make them less noticeable.

Scarred tissue itself is made from collagen, creating the fibrous tissues that replace what was once there.

Once the tissue grows back, it is unidirectional, meaning that instead of the weave pattern that is typically found with skin, scar tissue goes in one direction, and the pigmentation is either lighter or darker than it was before.

Let’s now look at different ways that scar tissue can be removed before discussing how gallbladder scar tissue can be painful.

Addressing Or Removing Scar Tissue

Modern technology has made it possible for scar tissue to be removed using a variety of treatments that weren’t available a couple decades ago. Typically, people would use some type of cream that would lighten the scar, although its effectiveness was limited by the severity of the scarring itself.

Collagen therapy is used to lift up deep scarsCollagen therapy is used to lift up deep scars, and chemical peels and dermabrasion can be used to tone them down.

However, the best treatment to use comes from non-ablative lasers which are able to successfully heal keloid and atrophic scars. non-ablative lasers that has the scarring down to a specific depth, allowing new tissue to come back, usually something that is much better than was there before.

Radiotherapy is also used for hypertrophic and keloid scarring. Silicone scar treatments are also used which can dramatically improve the scar’s appearance, and also prevent scar formation.

Now that you know about the different ways that scar tissue can be removed, let’s look at why scar tissue that occurs as a result of a gallbladder operation can cause pain with some individuals.

Pain From Scar Tissue After Gallbladder Surgery

The reason that scar tissue can hurt after an operation is that it’s simply not the same tissue that was once there before. The way that scar tissue grows back, it can cause discomfort, especially if there is an abundance in the area where the incision was made. Located right below the rib cage, many people might perceive that they may have a pulled muscle instead.

However, by speaking with your doctor about the pain you are experiencing, they can take a look at the scar tissue that has developed. If it is not excessive, it will probably diminish over time as the incisions are allowed to heal.

However, if you are experiencing increasing amounts of pain, and the physician can detect abnormal amounts of scar tissue, using surgical procedures or even laser treatments during the procedure, can help reduce the scar tissue formation.

Pain From Scar Tissue After Gallbladder Surgery

Most postoperative situations leave people in quite a bit of agony. You have to remember that having any type of surgery, especially when it is adjacent to other organs in your body, it can cause discomfort not only from the incision, but also the procedure, and how the removal of the gallbladder will affect regular functioning within your body.

This tiny organ, located at the base of the liver, near the pancreas, may also cause irritation to those surrounding organs. By speaking with your doctor about the pain you are experiencing, they may recommend some type of scar tissue removal procedure.

By making sure that everything is healing properly, you can feel rest assured that the removal of your gallbladder, the cholecystectomy, by talking with your physician if the pain does not subside in the near future.


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