Best Scar Treatment Dermatologist Options


If you have ever been in a major accident where you have been scarred on some part of your body, you might want to consider finding some type of treatment in order to lighten the scars up. It can be a difficult process requiring grafting depending upon the size of the scars, although there are some topical treatments that can help remedy the situation.

If you have been searching for the best scar treatment dermatologists in the area, there are ways to find these professionals that can help you with your scars. Likewise, there are some tips that you can use to help lighten your own scars in the privacy of your home, remedies that have been working for many years.

Let’s look at what scars are, how they form, and different ways to get rid of them, one of which has to do with finding a dermatologist that specializes in scar treatments in your community.

Understanding How Scars Form

facial scarScars are simply the end result of healing from certain types of wounds that we have on our skin. It is part of the biological process that allows damaged tissues to form back on the although they will be different than regular skin in many ways.

The scars that you get can be the result of having acne, skin conditions, diseases and of course accidents. You may also have scars because of a surgery that you had years ago.

When scars form, the thick layer of skin, known as the dermis, is damaged. This forces the body to create new fibers of collagen, a natural protein inside your body, that will mend the damage that has been done. The texture and quality of the tissue that is produced is going to be different, which is why scars are so noticeable either being too light or too dark.

Different Types Of Scars

keloids hypertrophic scarsThere are many different types of scars that can form on your skin. In most cases, they are flat and typically pale. If too much collagen is actually produced during the healing process, they may be raised over your skin.

These are called hypertrophic scars, and may also be known as keloid scars, and are very common with people that have lots of melanin in their skin, or if they are younger in age.

If you have pitted scars, it’s because the underlying support structure in your skin has been damaged, where muscle or fat tissues have been removed. These are very common with individuals that suffer from cystic acne, and may require different types of medical procedures and surgeries to lift them to a normal level.

Treatment For Scars Available Today

DermabrasionScar treatments can range from topical treatments that are accessible at your local store, to pharmaceutical grade scar treatments that tend to work much better. You can also opt for surgery so that scar is less noticeable, or get steroid injections to help flatten out the scar itself.

Radiotherapy can be used, using what is called low dose radiotherapy, which is useful for hypertrophic or keloid scarring.

Dermabrasion is a very popular scar treatment as it removes the upper layer of skin, allowing for new skin to grow back which is typically closer to normal skin tone and formation.

If you have the money, laser resurfacing is one of the newest techniques that is available. It uses lasers to burn off surface layers, and is also capable of working on the collagen below the skin without affecting the upper skin levels.

Finally, for scars that are sunken in, filler injections can be used to temporarily improve the appearance of scars, but this type of treatment must be repeated to maintain this appearance.

Best Scar Treatment Dermatologist Options

Dermatologist optionsIf you want to find the best dermatologist in your area that is able to handle scar treatments, the best place to look for one is on the Internet.

People today have websites that represent what their business is able to do, and will give you the information that you need in order to contact the dermatologist to get the help that you need.

By taking the time to research all of the different dermatologist, and finding out about the procedures and techniques that they use, you can set an appointment with one of these professionals in order to deal with the scarring that you have, potentially helping you to improve the appearance of the scars that you have on your skin.

Now that you know about what scars are, and the different treatment options that are available, you can now decide whether to treat your scarring on your own using topical creams, or get medical treatments for the scars which can help you make them less noticeable using different medical techniques and procedures that a dermatologist will be able to provide for you.


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