Best Scar Creams For Old Scars: Over-the-counter Remedies


Scars can feel as though you’ve been branded, and there are so many different types of scars and ways to get them.

They can really work your self esteem, and people have been gathering methods, treatments and strategies both natural and medicinal to help diminish scars and make them disappear.

The following best scar creams for old scars are over-the-counter purchases you can make to help make those scars go away.

1. Dermefface Fx7

Certain scar creams are noted for certain specific situations only, but this highly effective scar cream is designed to work on all kinds of different scars like accident scars, surgical scars, acne scars, and chicken pox, all of which can be deep scars. In these instances, many of them stick around and are left there for years.

While this makes it harder to get rid of them, the best creams, such as this one, can heal hypertrophic scars and is considered reasonably priced.

2. RevitolRevitol Scar Cream

This is a well-known cream on the market that comes with many customer reviews. This is a cream that is touted for assisting with removing surgical scars, which are some of the deepest scars one can have.

It can also help when you have minor burns and is universal when it comes to different skin types and also genders.

This product is not only well-known but has been out there for many years, making it an authority in the scar removal department.

3. Mederma scar cream

The first thing noticed about this product is the brand name attached to it, Mederma. They have many other skin care products out there that have been proven to help. It is important when choosing a scar cream that you realize if its good for old, deep scars so that it could remove anything you are facing.

That is why this cream makes the list because it can remove any scar you have. When you start to see the results, you notice at first that the scar tissue softens, and your skin stays soft and moist as it begins the healing process. It will also lighten the scar thanks to SPF30.

4. Triderma Scar Reliever

Vitamin E has been known to be very helpful when repairing damaged skin. It is becoming very popular as an additive to many skin care products. Triderma Scar Reliever contains Vitamin E and other water-based ingredients so that your skin absorbs them quickly.

The idea here is to have healthy skin, and you don’t want to use too many hard chemical products. While this scar cream is highly effective and can treat old scars, it doesn’t compromise your skin at the same time.

Scars form due to damaged collagen tissues. A good scar cream that is at the top of the market is going to effectively repair the collagen tissues for you. What are the ingredients of the products you’re looking to purchase?treatment for hidradenitis

There are some good products out there and some ones that don’t really work out well.

So, be sure you’re looking at the ingredients and reading up on them to determine if they are going to do what you want in a safe manner.

How long does it take for a good scar cream to show results? Typically, you’re going to feel different right away and see noticeable visual results in approximately two weeks.

From time to time, many people notice pretty noticeable results in as little as one week, but it does require patience and consistent application. And when talking about consistency, this should be maintained for at least three months to fully heal the scar, sometimes even longer.

Some people claim that they only want all-natural ingredients, and this is understandable. There are plenty of all-natural scar creams, the one mentioned earlier making this short list of top-notch creams.

You use what is comfortable for you, but these four creams are definitely at the top of their respective fields. Many people have chosen these to help erase deep scars, and remember whatever you choose it needs to be for providing a remedy for both old and deep scars. This requires a certain scar cream, and you definitely want what you try to work out in the end.


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