Best Scar Cream OTC Treatment That May Work For You


As we go through life, it is inevitable that we are going to be injured in some way. If you have ever had kids, you know that they’re going to fall down, and that scars are going to occur. Sometimes they are very small and dissipate over time, but larger injuries can cause more permanent scars to remain.

As we get older, we might want to eliminate these scars that we have acquired over time, and finding a scar cream to help with this ambition is a goal that we may have.

There are several different products that can help reduce the appearance of scars, some of which can virtually eliminate them completely. There are completely natural products, and those that use chemicals, all of which can produce good results.

Natural Or Chemical Scar Creams?

Chemical Scar CreamsOne of the initial questions that people often think about is whether or not they should use a product that is all-natural, or one that uses a pharmaceutically derived component.

According to most research, that which is natural is the safest for you, but it will also take the longest amount of time in order to see results, plus it may not work as well as those that are chemically based.

Simply stated, anything that comes out of the laboratory has gone through quite a bit of testing, and what you are purchasing is the most refined version of a scar treatment that actually works.

Therefore, even though there are some side effects associated with using pharmaceutically derived scar treatments, the creams that you can get over-the-counter, and the stronger ones that are only available by prescription, are going to produce the best results.

Reasons That Scars Form And Remain

When you think about your skin, and the way that it changes color when you are in direct sunlight, this has to do with melanin production. The more pigmentation that you have, the darker your skin will be, and it is also the reason why there are different colors for all of the races.

over the  counter scar creamYour skin has a natural genetic disposition to be a certain color, and the same is true for scar tissue that grows in place of skin that was once there.

Unfortunately, skin does not grow back the same way that it naturally grows, occurring in a linear fashion, with a propensity toward developing more pigmentation.

This is why so many of the treatments that are available actually go after the melanocytes, those parts of your skin that produce melanin that provide pigmentation. If you are able to augment the production of melanin, your skin will naturally lighten up. It is for this reason that almost all of the over-the-counter scar creams help in this area.

Best Scar Cream OTC Remedies

That being said, the worry of side effects that can be found with almost every pharmaceutical product ever created makes people worry, and therefore they will look for a natural remedy, or perhaps an over-the-counter remedy that uses pharmaceuticals that is not quite as strong. There are many on the market which have great reviews, some of which can be purchased at your local store, and others that are also available on the web.

mederma creamOf all of the OTC scar creams available, Zenmed and Mederma products are always the best sellers because they are affordable and also produce the best results.

There are competing products such as those from Revitol, but regardless of which one you choose, they are likely going to have the same chemically based solutions that can provide you with less apparent scars.

The all-natural ones will have vitamin C, and those that use pharmaceuticals will have tretinoin and hydroquinone, the latter of which is probably the most recommended ingredient for not only scars, but lightening up your skin. Its ability to affect melanin production is what allows it to be so successful.

Without the melanocytes producing pigmentation, the area where you have rubbed the cream is going to be much lighter in color. This is something that can work in just a few weeks, opposed to several months with natural products, motivating people to use these products because of the results that can be achieved very quickly.

Scar Removal CreamHaving scars is not the easiest thing to deal with, depending upon their location on your body. It’s always good to find a way to get rid of them.

Some people will actually put tattoos over scars because they are embarrassed by them, yet by using one of these over-the-counter scar removal creams that have been recommended, you should start to see a definite change in the appearance of your scars.

Using these simple suggestions, you will now be able to go to your local store, purchase a scar cream that you know will work, and look forward to having your scars fade in the near future.


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