What Is The Best Scar Cream For Black People?


I have a double problem. Once that should not surprise me at all, and yet it does, because that’s the kind of society we live in. You see, I’m black. Yeah, I said it. I’m a black woman.

And I have been in some accidents, let me tell you. Not only was I in two tours in Iraq where I was in a convoy accident that left me with a busted leg.

But then I came home, had a kid that required a C-section, and then found myself in yet another car accident that did a number on my side. Suffice to say I am covered in scars. Head to toe. I mean, I’ve got scars on my forehead from when I was a kid and bumped my head a couple of times.

You know, I’m fairly proud of my scars, especially the ones that really show where I’ve been in my life. Military… kids… these scars are a map of my life, but sometimes I really just want to cover them up like a normal person. There’s just one problem. There are no scar creams made for black people.

scar creamYou see, this is how it works: the scar creams currently on market are meant to hide your scars, which means blending into your skin. It’s basically a concealer. That’s nice and all, I guess, if you’re of a skin color that matches most of the creams on the market.

Let me tell you, I have a lot of experience trying to buy beauty products for my skin, and most of them do not match it at all. I’m not even super dark, but I still can’t find creams that are in my shade.

When I was young it was super discouraging to not be able to find even concealer that matched my skin tone. So, how do you think I feel now? It’s like being told that I don’t matter at all. That I should just walk around every single day with these scars, because people only care about helping you feel better about yourself if you’re white. It really sucks.

scar removal on legsSuffice to say the summer is coming, and it gets really hot around here. I would like to be able to wear my shorts and tanks around town, but with the scars on my legs from the convoy accident I get really self-conscious. Mostly because people always notice and always ask me how I got those scars.

Well, it’s none of their business, but I got those scars from serving my country and helping keep these people safe. I don’t really mind talking about it, I guess, but I don’t like being suddenly reminded of my service when I’m out buying apples or picking up the mail.

It’s not a pleasant experience. Some people get super nosy and want to know all about my life in the military. It’s none of their business! So you see what my conundrum here is.

I want to be able to go out and walk around my town like a normal person, but these scars get in my way of not being bothered by everyone I come across. That’s why I want to be able to find the best scar cream for black people.

I have been looking everywhere for such a thing, but as you can imagine from my long winded essay until now, it’s been near impossible. I have gone to every store and drug mart I come across and none of their creams match my skin tone. Do you know what happens when you use a cream that doesn’t match your skin tone? It really sticks out, and people are still going to comment on it… just for other reasons than the original one.

scar cream I really want to find a good scar cream that will not only blend in well with my skin tone, but also help me get rid of the scars, even a little bit. I know that these scars are going to be with me for the rest of my life. I’m more or less okay with that.

My main concern is diluting them a little bit so I can move on with my life and not have everyone hound me about where I got them and why. Some people are just so rude about it. It’s driving me batty, and really hindering my life. I don’t like it one bit.

Is it possible to even find such a cream? It’s hard for me to look online because there’s no way to tell if they match my skin color. I want recommendations for brands I can find somewhere in real life. Please, fellow black ladies, what do you use to hide your scars? I really need some help!


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