What Is The Best Dark Scar Removal Cream


Scars are never pretty to look but it’s good to know that there are many scar treatments available. If you have scars, a very important part of removing them is to determine what kind of scar you have.

There are actually many types of scars. The most visible are keloid scars. These are growth-lie scars and they happen if a wound heals itself too aggressively.

Keloid scars are usually more common among people with darker skin. Keloid scars can grow larger over time.

Hypertrophic scars are raised type of scars that are pink or red. These can result from burns or surgery. They usually fade over time. Atrophic scars are scars that are left behind by chickenpox or severe acne. Contracture scars are caused by severe burning. These scars feel tight, especially if they’re around a joint. Dark spots are not really scars but are a type of hyperpigmentation that happens after an insect bite.

If you have any of the scars mentioned above, you should consult a doctor first before using any treatment. The most common type of scar treatments are scar creams. There are many brands of scar creams out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to use. In this article, we’re not going to name specific brands, but we are going to give you a list of ingredients that helps to remove scars. We really think that the best scar creams are only as good as their active ingredients.

Hydroquinone – Hydroquinone is a compound that is an active ingredient in many skin lighteners. It reduces the appearance of scars by reducing the pigmentation on your skin. Products like Revitol Scar Cream have this as an active ingredient.

Vitamin-EVitamin E – Vitamin E is another ingredient that can reduce the appearance of dark spots. Rub pure Vitamin E oil firmly on your skin once or twice daily.

This Vitamin can heal the skin and moisturize the tough areas. It also helps speed up the regeneration of skin. It also decreases inflammation.

Vitamin A – When converted to retinoic acid, retinol can improve the appearance of your skin. Retinoic acid is an important for the production of elastin and collagen.

Dimethylaminoethanol – Like hydroquinone, dimethylaminoethanol helps reduce hyperpigmentation. Dimethylaminoethanol is usually found in fish.

Cocoa ButterCocoa butter – Cocoa butter is a great product for restoring the skin. It helps heal the skin and lighten the scars. For best results, find a product that contains 100% cocoa butter. Use it daily on your skin.

Glycolic Acid – Glycolic Acid promotes the rapid turnover of surface skin. It also helps skin out skin tone. One product that contains this compound is Clean&Clear Advantage Mark.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – AHA is important for several functions, including removing dead skin, growing new skin cells, and making your skin more elastic.

As we said before, there are many products out there that can remove dark scars. When it comes to actually buying a product, choose the products that have those items we mentioned above as the active ingredients. Cheaper is NOT necessarily better and so you shouldn’t buy a product based on price alone. Instead, buy a product that is highly rated on Amazon.

You should look at products that have an average of four-star or five-star ratings on Amazon based on at least 50 ratings by customers. Make sure to read the reviews by users so you will know what to expect from using a product.

More important, use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions – if it says twice a day, use it twice a day. It’s important to note can NOT help your scars overnight no matter how badly you wish them too. You should use a product – taking note of any changes on your skin while you’re at it – for at least two months before giving it up.

Laser Skin Treatment Also, you might need to complement your topical with dermatological procedures like dermabrasion, industrial strength exfoliation, laser scar treatment, chemical peels, steroid injections, and collagen filler to remove your scars, or at least improve their appearance.

Make no mistake about it. These procedures are NOT cheap but they are effective and the results are pretty instant. Aside from the expensive treatments mentioned earlier.

You could also use natural treatments like lemon. Lemon is rich in AHA and it’s also a natural bleach that can lighten your skin. Take one teaspoon of lemon juice (take a few lemons, slice them and squeeze them), rub it on your scar, and leave it there for 10 minutes before washing.

Raw honey is also another item that you can use to treat your scars. Honey can effectively treat wounds and stimulate tissue regeneration. Mix equal parts of honey and baking soda. Massage the mixture to the scar for three minutes. Put a hot cloth on the treated area until it cools.


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