Are You Looking For Scar Removal In Alberta?


scar removal in AlbertaWhen people are involved in an accident, or they have surgery, it can often leave a scar behind. A scar is the body’s automatic response to try and repair a wound.

In most cases of surgery, the surgeon will do his best to minimize scar tissue using various techniques, but if they have had to open you up with a knife, then you will have some kind of scaring.

The worst kind of scar tissue people can get is that which originates from burns. Because a burn can be over a large area, the body finds it difficult to repair. More and more people are looking for scar removal in Alberta these days.

We all want to look good, especially women, so the last place people want a scar to be is on their face. Some guys will be quite happy with a scar, as they think it is a sign of manhood, but it does depend on the type of scar.

A thin scar of a couple of inches can be easy enough to hide, especially for woman, as they can cover it with makeup. The problem comes when the scar is wide, or it is raised. No matter what you do with scars like that, they are difficult to hide, especially if they are on your face.

When you have a scar that is present, and visible to the public, there are various techniques you can use to either try and hide it, or maybe remove it altogether. There are plenty of options for scar removal in Alberta.

  • Cream, Gels and Ointments -You can buy these over the counter, although the stronger versions will likely be prescription only. They are only for minor scars though, such as those caused by a knife, or a split from a fall. These products are just rubbed over the scar tissue, and work to soften it. The length of time you use them for depends on how visible the scar is. They will not remove the scar altogether though.
  • Antihistamine and Steroid Creams -Some scars can be very sensitive to touch, and become red and itchy. These need to be treated with stronger drugs and so steroids can be used to promote some normal skin growth.
  • Silicone Gel Sheetings – This technique is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, so is more expensive, but it can show good results for people who have things like acne scarring.
  • Pressure Treatment – Another treatment that needs to be carried out by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
  • Surgery – In some severe cases, such as burns, or large raised scars, then surgery is usually the only option open to you. This will involve dermabrasion, excision or a skin graft. Skin grafts are used mostly for burn patients, and the skin is usually taken from the thigh area. Some scars can impair the functioning of parts of the body, and surgery will often repair this with a skin flap from elsewhere on your body, this is a piece of skin, with muscle still attached, and a blood vessel.
  • Injections – In certain cases, injecting steroids directly into the scar can help reduce it.
  •  Collagen – This can be used on scars that are pitted, as it helps to raise the scar area. This technique is not a permanent solution though.

If you are looking for scar removal in Alberta, then speak with your medical advisor. You do not have to put up with scar tissue these days there are many techniques available. Please be aware though it can take up to 12 months for a scar to settle down, and in that timeframe, some of them will fade so much you no longer notice them


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