Are There Any Real Scar Removal Products Or Procedures That Really Work?


Depending on the type of scar, it may not be entirely possible to remove it. But for those wanting to discover which scar removal products and procedures really work, then this is the article you will want to read. There are non-surgical and surgical methods for removing scars. Which is best depends on the scar and other factors.

For certain scars which have a bit of a concave to them, fillers can be used that are injectable. This type of treatment is used commonly for acne scaring and even to help smooth out wrinkles. Commonly it is used on the face, but has been used effectively elsewhere as well.

Facial acne when severe, commonly leaves pitted scars. The fillers are injected into the area where the scars are and fills the skin out, which removes the pits created from the condition. Some swelling commonly happens for 24 to 36 hours after the procedure is done. Depending on the amount of scaring it may be necessary to have a second procedure done.

doctorWhile the effect of this procedure can last for years, over time what was injected does fade away making the need for the procedure to be done again. The cost of this is often around $1500.00 Light therapy and laser treatment have also been found effective for the right kind of scaring.

This uses light that is very intense that can blend the pigmentation of the surrounding skin in with the scar to make it significantly fade. It helps the body to produce collagen which further helps fade the scar.

After the procedure is done, you may experience some pain, discoloration and swelling. Many patients of this procedure are disappointed immediately after having it done, if the doctor hasn’t prepared them. The reason is that it generally takes a few weeks before the results are visible. The average cost of this procedure is around $1200.00.

Chemical peels offer yet another type of treatment for scaring. This actually burns away top layers of skin and stimulates the body’s natural healing process to replace the lost skin with new skin. The idea here is to get the body to grow skin over the scaring that will smooth it out and make it disappear or greatly fade.

This type of treatment can work very well for the right kind of scaring and if it is located in a suitable area of the body for a chemical peel. Make sure that you get a professional who has plenty of experience with this, to ensure a good result. This type of procedure can run $800.00 to $1000.00 typically.

Steroid injectionSteroid injections can also be used for certain types of scaring and in some cases has yielded good results. The main thing here is to get good medical supervision.

The use of steroids can come at the cost of certain side effects. With the help of a good doctor, the side effects may be minimized and managed.

Topical steroids do not work for scar removal. This treatment will require that you have injections and these will be made into the scar. This process is generally done multiple times over the course of several weeks.

The cost of this method varies by area and the doctor performing it, but typical will be $75.00 to $200.00 per session. Depending on the size and situation of your scar, multiple procedures may be required running the cost to several hundred dollars.

Scar creams can work and recently improvements help them work better. The thing to remember about creams are they are not a quick fix. The creams that work, often takes months and as long as two years before your will get the result you want. Just as it took time for the scar to form, it will also take time for the body and the cream to recreate the scared tissue.

scar creamCreams are the least traumatic method of treatment, but also takes the longest to get good results. The cost of these can vary, but while one container of cream may be low, you will use these repeatable over several months to a year or even two years.

$50 to $200 would be a range you are likely to spend. Surgery is of course an option. For some scars it is a good choice. Cost on average can run $3000.00 or more.


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