Truth Behind the Best Acne Scar Treatment Products Made for You


Acne is a common skin condition that affects millions of people. Having acne is a major aesthetic issue that could lead to a low self-esteem. Aside from making a person less attractive, acne can leave deep and ugly scars, which remain long after the breakout has cleared up.

Given how agonizing it is to deal with scars and hide them unsuccessfully, it’s not surprising why many people are looking for acne scar treatment products. Thanks to modern science, creams and serums geared towards erasing acne scars are more effective.

For those who want to be finally free from acne scars without going under the knife, here are some pointers on finding the best acne scar treatment products for better-looking skin.

Patience is a Virtue: Acne Scars Fade Over Time

Acne Scars Fade Over TimeThe dermatologist-recommended cure for the marks and scars left by breakouts is patience. After a breakout, the skin’s healing process could lead to pigment alteration. Popping a zit and broken blood vessels can also cause dark spots in the skin.

Acne marks could also have a cause different from the ones mentioned above. This is the main reason why skin doctors are constantly reminding their patients not to pick on a pimple, no matter how tempting it is. Normally, these acne marks would fade in a matter of three to six months. Given the length of the healing time, there is a need to be patient.

Be careful not to confuse acne marks for scars caused by breakouts. Acne marks are merely dark spots that could clear up completely over time. On the other hand, acne scars are deeper and even if they start to look better in time, they could be a permanent fixture on your face and body if they are deep enough.

Get Rid of Dark Spots: Effective Treatment for Marks That Breakouts Leave Behind

If waiting is not one of your strongest suits and you want to see improvements in your skin right away, there’s something that you can do. Products that promote skin healing can address your issues with skin discoloration from acne marks.

These acne treatment products could expedite skin regeneration and remove those pesky dark spots. Here are some essential facts about acne scar cream and how they can solve your beauty problems

  1. Sunscreen: Every person is advised to wear sunscreen, and for good reason. Despite the benefits of sunlight to our health, sun exposure is the primary cause of skin damage. Be sure to grab a sunscreen that contains niacinamide, which doesn’t clog pores.
  2. Skin Lightening Products: Some acne marks may be red or purple, but most are brown in color. What you need, in this case, is to choose a skin lightening fade cream or a skin bleaching agent like hydroquinone. You can try applying over-the-counter products which could erase spots in as early as three months.
  3. vitamin CRetinoids: Retinoids are one of the ingredients in modern skincare products that dermatologists recommend. This product is highly effective in fading scars caused by pimples. This vitamin A derivative causes rapid cell regeneration to help with your problem with acne scars.
  4. Vitamin C: Another effective treatment for acne marks is a serum containing vitamin C. The skin absorbs vitamin C effectively and helps in collagen production to help fade dark spots from breakouts.
  5. Acid Peels: Exfoliating is another key to renewing your skin. After having breakouts, getting rid of dead skin cells could help bring our healthy skin, and acid peels can help out with that. You can have acid peel treatments at your doctor’s clinic, but you can also try a do-it-yourself glycolic peel.

Go Easy on Your Skin: Choose Hypoallergenic Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin

If you are already dealing with a bad case of acne, the last thing you want to do is make it worse. Among the best methods to avoid irritating your skin is to choose hypoallergenic products. If you are constantly dealing with breakouts, it would be best to choose products that are specifically formulated to deal with acne.

Choosing the right product is the key to having better skin. In shopping for acne scar treatment products, look for antioxidants, moisturizers and other ingredients proven to reduce blemishes. It would also be ideal to choose skin products with deep cleaning abilities, since clean skin is a must if you want to be free of acne.

It is also great to look for herbs and other natural ingredients in your skincare products. These organic pimple fighters are not just milder on your skin, they also promote healthier and more radiant skin. While you’re at it, always shop for products based on your particular skin type.

The effect of any product will differ from one person to another. Even if you shop for products recommended to be the best in removing acne scars, like those from Sephora, you may not get the results you expected if that cream is not ideal for you.

Tackle Breakouts Quickly: Prevention Is Better Than the Best Acne Scar Treatment

apply spot treatmentsAs the adage goes, prevention is better than a cure. When it comes to acne, it is way better to follow a good skincare routine to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your skin. Breakouts are not just awful because of the zits that pop up. The worst thing about acne is the scars they leave behind that become permanent fixtures on your skin.

So, how do you prevent acne scars from forming in the first place? For starters, you need to keep your hands off your face. Resist touching, popping or worse, picking at those pimples. These actions are the main reason why those pimples leave scars on your face.

If you are not allowed to get your hands near your zits, what should you do about them? A good way to deal with your pimples is to apply spot treatments. Many products for acne contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur and salicylic acid. These active ingredients can help decrease the size of your pimples faster.

There are tons of products you can use for your breakouts. Among the top recommendations for those who want an affordable product is Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action. True to its name, this product is quick when it comes to diminishing the size of your zits.

Needless to say, you need to check the labels of any beauty product for acne, especially if you have other skin conditions. There are some people who have an allergic reaction to pimple correcting formulas, as well.

Fight Fresh Scars: Proper Exfoliation Brings Out a Layer of New Skin

For those who were not able to help themselves from popping their zits, there’s still hope. What you can do is to try to prevent scars from forming right after you picked on a pimple. Remember that this trick would only work if the skin indentation is still fresh.

radiant skinTo heal acne scars faster, you need to do mild exfoliation. This trick works on a fresh scar because you still have enough time to remove the scarred cells from your skin. The best products for this are exfoliants that contain lactic acid, rice extract or salicylic acid. A combination of these ingredients in one product could also be a good idea.

Mild exfoliation is an option at this point since it’s easier to bring a fresh layer of skin cells to the surface. The chemicals could remove the dead skin cells in the top layer. This way, you would not only prevent scars from forming, you could also have more radiant skin.

While exfoliation can be great for your skin, don’t go crazy over removing dead skin cells from your skin. Doing too much exfoliation can cause more problems for you. If you commit such a mistake, you could irritate your skin and cause more breakouts which mean more acne scars to deal with. Whether you are exfoliating to get rid of acne scars or not, always do it in moderation.

Even Out Skin Texture: Slight Craters Respond Well to Regular Exfoliation

If you have been hopelessly looking for the miracle cure to get rid of those craters on your skin, which have been there for a while, exfoliation could be your savior. Exfoliating should be part of your skincare regimen for preventing pimples. If you are trying to reduce the appearance of scars, doing it regularly could help.

The effects of exfoliation would be, as usual, dependent on the severity of the scars and your skin’s response to acne scars products. Exfoliating on a regular basis can even out your skin tone by raising those depressed areas. At the same time, it can make your skin tone more even to diminish the visibility of the scars.

While exfoliation is good if you have acne scars, always go for a mild product. Be sure to look for exfoliants that contain beta hydroxy acids or alpha hydroxy acids. These chemical peels can help rejuvenate your skin’s upper layer. Always use chemical microdermabrasion products in moderation. The best test to know if you are doing it right is if your skin is glowing and not peeling.

Always keep in mind that while exfoliation could make those scars easier on the eyes, they will never be as effective as the acne scars treatment you get at your doctor’s clinic.

Using Retinoids: Vitamin A in Acne Scar Removal Creams Improve Cell Regeneration

doctorsIf acne scars won’t budge despite all your efforts to exfoliate, it would be best to consult your doctor. Most would recommend retinoids. At this age, anyone who is skin conscious knows that vitamin A is good for the eyes and for beautiful skin. Aside from containing antioxidants for more radiant skin, this vitamin could also have dramatic effects on your skin.

Retinoids come from vitamin A, although it has been gaining a reputation for being quite the miracle worker when it comes to acne scars. This active ingredient works well, since it could increase the production of collagen. Retin-A Micro is one of the best acne scar removal creams, and it is among the retinoids prescribed by doctors.

When using any product containing retinoid, you should be aware that it may cause skin irritation, especially the kind of retinoid prescribed for acne scars. There are milder forms of retinoid; however, and they can be bought without any prescription. These over-the-counter products containing retinoid are milder.

Detofixy with Acne Scar Treatment Products: Free Radicals Can Wreak Havoc on Your Skin

Detoxification is good for your skin, as well as your body. While you are not required to go on a juice cleanse to get rid of acne, you still need to load up on antioxidants if you want better skin. One effective way to do this is to choose products that contain ingredients that could kill the free radicals in the body.

In skin products, vitamins A, C and E are all good for promoting healthier and younger skin. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like putting much gunk on her face, using Skinception Dermefface FX7 could be a good choice. This product combines antioxidants with natural ingredients and other powerful chemicals to help deal with all kinds of scars. Aside from diminishing the appearance of scars, this could also help you achieve brighter skin.

When you are dealing with scarring, using products for skin lightening is another good option to make ugly marks less visible. By combining cellular regeneration, you can bring out a healthier skin layer and with its lightening properties, this product holds much promise. Be careful, because you should never take the word of manufacturers that it is hypoallergenic, because it still may not be a good choice for you.

Consult your doctor first to know if it is safe to use this product, and if irritation will not occur if you are using other creams to get rid of acne scars.

Fight Bad Bacteria: Control Acne Breakout with Topical and Oral Antibiotics

Oral AntibioticsProvided that you are still having regular breakouts, no matter what you’ve tried, the best way to keep those pimples in check is to take oral antibiotics. Antibiotics are highly recommended when your goal is to control and prevent acne from wreaking havoc on your skin. These antibiotics reduce inflammation and bacterial growth to control acne.

Antibiotics may be taken orally, although they also come in the form of creams and gels. In many countries, a prescription is necessary to purchase antibiotics. While antibiotics are effective in acne scar prevention, it may cause unwanted side effects on your skin.

In most people, taking antibiotics lead to a dry and scaly skin. This can be easily treated with moisturizer. Skin irritation could also be a possible side effect of using antibiotics on your skin.

Overall, antibiotics are moderately effective in treating acne scars and there are also pimples that are resistant to antibiotic treatment; hence, consulting your doctor is a must to see if you should be using antibiotics for your breakouts.

Bring Out the Big Guns: Oral Isotretinoin is an Effective Acne Scar Cream for Scars That Won’t Budge

If you have explored other treatments without success, isotretinoin could be a good choice for you. This is a product derived from retinoids, but you need to take it orally. By treating acne for a period of 15 to 20 weeks, you can look forward to having clearer skin. Many patients even experience what they describe as miraculous results.

This treatment can reduce the growth of bacteria on your skin, allowing it to reduce oil production and decrease pore size.  While this may seem to be one of the most promising treatments that don’t require surgery, you may want to consider the possible side effects of this medication.

Pregnant women, for instance, should not consider this as an option when they have acne. The ingredients in this medicine are can cause birth defects. This may also lead to mood swings and it could reduce the effectiveness or oral contraceptives.

talk to your doctorNeedless to say, you may be a good candidate if you are not pregnant or are willing to use additional birth control methods. It is always important to talk to your doctor when it comes to the options that you may try to get rid of acne scars.

Knowing how to fade acne scars is the key to achieving smooth and blemish-free skin. At some point, every person experiences breakouts, although some are luckier than others. Whether you are the type who only sees a zit or two occasionally, or one who needs to constantly battle with acne, it is vital to choose the right products for your skin.

If you are shopping for creams that could help lighten marks, always check acne scar treatment products reviews and read the labels. You do not want to use a product which is too strong or too weak to address your skin problems. With effective acne scar treatment products, skin therapy is possible not just in your doctor’s office but right in your own home.


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