A Look At The Best Acne Scar Night Cream Products


acen scarsAcne scars are found in skin areas where former lesions have occurred and come in different types. They can be atrophic, which are predominantly shallow, anchor shaped, meaning they are deeper or finally, box car shaped.

Sufferers with a darker skin tone can notice darkening in the scars. Sufferers with a fairer complexion can see redness in the scars. Acne is made worst by exposure to the sun, as well as picking and squeezing.

Night creams help rejuvenate and moisturize the skin whilst you sleep. Unfortunately many night creams are too heavy for acne affected skin. It is important, therefore to select a night cream that has been specifically formulated for those that have acne scarred skin.

There are a number of acne scar night cream products available on the market which can be applied to the acne scar and when rubbed in are not visible. Here is a short review of best acne scar night cream on the market today;

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

One of the best acne scar night cream is Blemish Fade offered by the Body Shop. The product uses a blend of natural ingredients including tamanu oil, lemon tea tree oil and community trade tea tree oil.

The ingredients work to control excessive oil and keep the skin clear by preventing blackheads and blemishes. The product should be applied to a clean face and neck prior to going to bed and works overnight whilst you sleep. Blemish Fade uses further natural ingredients including leaf oil and seed oil.

The Body Shop selects their tee tree oil from the foot hills of Mount Kenya. It is sourced using organic farming methods; this ensures sustainable farming.

The product retails at 18 dollars and the Body Shop has a buy two get two free offer. Overall customer rating on the Body Shop website is 4.7 out of 5 stars with an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

Glyco 6 Glycolic Acid Cream for Acne Scars

Glyco 6 is manufactured by Micro Labs in India. It contains Glycolic acid which is a proven treatment for fading marks and preventing acne breakout. Glyco 6 contains six per cent Glycolic acid with the rest of the formula made up of a cream base.

The thickness of the creamy base makes the face shiny and because of this the product shouldn’t be used during the day but at night time. Glyco 6 is applied every night for the first two weeks and after this, applied on alternate days.

The product should not be applied onto the scarred area immediately after cleansing the face. Instead, the user should wait for fifteen to twenty minutes before applying to prevent skin irritation and burning. There are some key benefits of using Glyco 6 for anyone with acne scars.

They include reducing pore size so that the skin looks firmer, the lightening of dark pimple marks and finally, preventing poor clogging which in turn prevents acne.


Revitol is a scar cream that has been on the market for some time. It has been formulated to reduce the appearance of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Revitol uses 100% natural ingredients; ingredients include Retinol, Dimethylanimnoethanol and Copper Peptide.

Retinol works to promote the synthesis of elastin and collagen. These two contributors are essential in allowing skin to maintain its elasticity and firmness. Their synthesis is important in evening out acne scars.

For the product to work well it is recommended that it is applied in a small amount every day. It should be worked into the scarred region with a circular motion. Once applied, the cream takes between three and five minutes to be absorbed into the skin. Results for Revitol have been varied.

The well respected review site, scartreatmentreport.com has concluded that Revitol results were rather mixed. Whilst some users reported a success over a three month period, others saw little results from using the cream. Revitol comes in a 60 ml tube and is available to purchase from Revitol directly.

Other night creams available on the market include Skinceuticals Renew Moisturizer, Philosophy On A Clear Day and Proactive Clarifying Night Cream.

The Skinceuticals’ night cream is highly rated and was ranked the number one night cream for acne affected skin in 2009 and 2010 by In-Style Magazine. Its citric extracts are very popular helping to keep the skin clear. Moisturizers within the formula work to firm up the skin.

Philosophy Night Cream works to treat blemishes and dark scars left by the effects of acne. It contains the effective product retinol which fades dark pigmentation. It also contains a high antioxidant content which helps reduce the redness caused by acne.

The Proactive Cream has a lot of blemish fighting goodness in its formula which includes retinol and salicylic acid. The product is best for those with a dry skin condition.

Other alternatives to creams are dermatologist procedures. Such procedures include fillers, subcision and fractional ablative laser technology. These procedures tend to be expensive compared to scar cream. There also the risk of side effects. This includes swelling and pain in the short term as well as the invasiveness that dermatologist procedures involve.

For those who are looking for the best acne scar night cream, it is important to consider your complexion type and recommended to spend time reading reviews before deciding upon the most suitable product.


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