13 Smart Strategies To Stop Scars From Forming On Your Skin


Some people say that their scars are marks from the battles they have fought in life. Women who’ve undergone caesarean section are often proud of their scar across their belly, as proof that life has been delivered from there.

Some people simply love these so called ‘battle marks’ because it makes them look strong. While I have nothing against these scars, how they were formed and what their origins were, some people are simply not comfortable having them.

Some are just intimidated by the fact that some people get to wear the clothes that they wanted while they’re struggling to find a nice pair of jeans that would hide their ugly scar due to an accident. People have their various preferences, but at the end of the day, the majority wants to stop scar formation – if this is even possible.

The truth is, preventing scars from forming on your skin doesn’t have to be rocket science, or is expensive. While many people think that this is something that they need to spend money on, the truth is that most of the methods that work can be done at home. They are usually made up of natural products that allow our bodies to adapt and heal naturally while helping stop the formation of these ugly scars.

Whether you have scars on exposed body parts, or recently got injured and wanted to avoid scars from forming, here are some of the simple, yet smart and practical strategies that can help stop scar formation on your skin.

scarsThis means that you no longer have to leave a life worrying about your scar – you don’t have to bring it with you as you grow older.

The natural remedies are usually cheaper than the typical commercial products being offered on the market. Some of which can even be found in your own kitchen.

Disclaimer: Everything that is listed here is based on reviews, personal experience and facts based on other researches. This information is not intended to replace medical advice. It is still ideal that you seek medical help to ensure that you’ll get the right type of care and be presented with many other options that are perfect for your skin type.

1.    Vitamin E

Vitamin E comes in two forms – topical or oral. Vitamin E is considered to be one of the best and the most effective scar formation remedy, not just for preventing scar formation, but even for preventing and treating stretch marks. This is because this particular nutrient is responsible for stimulating collagen formation, which aids in improving skin texture, flexibility, and strength.

Vitamin EIf you want results to take faster effect, make sure that you get enough Vitamin E intake, and at the same time, apply it on your skin.

Vitamin E is not hard to find – this is usually found in most drug stores, and even without scars, it is best that you take this daily supplement to give your skin a healthier glow.

Other than those that come in capsule form, you can also increase intake of foods rich in Vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, and olive oils.

Application and intake at least twice a day is highly recommended for effects to take place and become noticeable. For applying topically, you can find moisturizers and lotions that are packed with Vitamin E.

2.    Sunflower Oil

sunflower oilSunflower Oil Is Rich In Vitamin E – and as mentioned above, this can help reduce the formation of scars by moisturizing the skin, preventing dryness (which is one of the common reasons behind scar formation).

Sunflower oil is being used thousands of years ago for different purposes, and one of which is to prevent scars and even help with the healing process.

It is suggested that you apply and massage sunflower oil on the affected area for about five to ten minutes – then leave it to dry. You can do this two to three times a day. You may also want to apply the oil overnight for faster and better results.

3.    Pure Aloe Vera Gel

alo veraAloe vera is definitely one of those plants that contain natural healing properties. The plant’s gel is considered to be rich in nutrients which are often times used to treat wounds, in addition to speeding up the healing process.

The way aloe vera gel works is that it prevents scars even before they start to form – which is why it is important that as soon as you get wounds, you start applying aloe vera gel on the affected area to help things up.

Most homes have aloe vera at home – if you have, take a limb and extract some of its healing gel. If you don’t have plants at home, these gels can be purchased from your local health and beauty stores.

All you need to do is massage the gel into te affected area and leave it to dry. It may feel moist upon application – don’t wipe it off – your skin will naturally absorb the gel, which is what you want to happen in the first place.

4.    Baking Soda And Honey

Another beautiful work of nature is honey and combined with baking soda, it can do wonders. What you need to do is apply raw and pure honey on your wound or scar before you hit the sack. Leaving this overnight for a few nights can help you see the difference. You’ll notice that if scars have already formed, they’ll start to become lighter.

5.    Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilTea tree essential oil contains antimicrobial properties which are essential when healing wounds. Aside from its antimicrobial ingredients, tea tree extract is also an excellent ingredient to relieve and prevent scars from forming in your skin. This is also usually used in treating acne and acne marks.

6.    Lemon Juice

Did you know that citric acid is an effective solution to help fade marks, scars and even prevent it from forming? It is considered a natural bleach, which helps in the stimulation of new tissue formation, while it also makes the skin more elastic and supple.

While you can drink and increase lemon juice intake, you can alternatively apply the juice to the affected area. Make sure that the area is clean before application. Do this at least twice a day.

Use a cotton ball and rub it on the affected skin area. If scar has already formed, you’ll notice that the scar will lighten up after a few days of using it.

Caution: because lemons can turn your skin very sensitive when exposed to sunlight, it is not ideal to use and apply it on your skin when you’re planning on going out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. If you know that you’re about to go out and be exposed to the sun, it’s best that you skip the application and do it in the evening instead.

7.    Oatmeal

Oatmeal doesn’t just make a good breakfast, but applying this to your face and even affected body areas can help with the healing process.

8.    Cocoa and Shea Butter

coco shea butterDid you know that the majority of beauty products which promise a softer, more supple and hydrated skin are made up of cocoa and shea butter as their base ingredient? This is also why Shea butter is recommended to pregnant women for use on their belly.

It contains high amounts of moisturizer, preventing dehydration and making your skin more elastic – which is what you need your skin to be to avoid stretch marks, keloids and even prevent scar formation.

9.    Indian Gooseberry

Some may not be familiar with this, but Indian Gooseberry is a type of animal paste that is a good and natural remedy that prevents scar tissues from forming. It is an Indian recipe which is being used by thousands of years, and has surprisingly reached our country because of its wonderful effects on our skin. There are ready-made gooseberry pastes you can purchase in your local, healthy and beauty stores, but you can also make one of your own.

10.    Olive Oil

Olive OilExtra virgin olive oil is very popular in the skin care and beauty industry because it helps unclog pores, gets rid of dead skin cells, keeps the skin hydrated and has healing properties which are also known to make the skin lighter.

All of these properties, combined, make an excellent beauty product to use to avoid scars and help your wounds heal faster than it’s supposed to.

11.    Onion Extract

Onion extract has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also inhibit collagen production in scars, making it less visible.

While it may take several months before results would finally show up, this method is considered to be one of the safest and the most effective out there. In addition to which, onion extracts are very cheap and easy to find – you won’t have difficulties looking for it, as it is a typical ingredient found in everybody’s kitchen.

12.  Over The Counter Scar Reducers

While natural products may work, some people still prefer buying over the counter scar reducers. There are lots of those and make sure that you carefully review the product before applying onto skin. Take note that not all of these products may seem to work – it may work for others but may not give the same results to others.

scars remvoalThis is why it is essential that you take the time, read reviews, check customer feedback and even verify the product’s ingredients to ensure that it is what you are looking for.

When checking the ingredients, a good scar removal and treatment product consists one or more of the above-mentioned natural ingredients.

All of these play a crucial role in preventing scar formation, and when combined all together, they can do wonders.

13.    Surgery / Medical Procedure

This is the last and the least preferred method by many. Laser, one of the most popular medical procedures for scar prevention is now being widely accepted – and is done in most health and beauty clinics all over the world. However, take note that not all types of wounds and scars can undergo laser treatment, which is why it is always important that you seek medical advice prior to any kind of surgery or medical treatment.

You no longer have to deal with scars for the rest of your life. If this used to be your problem, you’ll be thrilled to know that the majority of ingredients listed above are cheap, not hard to find and can usually be purchased from the market or your local health store. You can use one or more of these natural remedies. Feel free to combine, experiment with them and see which one offers the best and the fastest results.


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